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Seriously, a new pub called The Bill Murray is opening in Islington

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The Mucky Pup in Angel was one of our favourite London boozers – grimy, yes, but always crammed with characters. Sadly, the pub closed its doors a few months back – but now the building is reopening under a new, weirdly familiar name. In tribute to the star of 'Ghostbusters', 'Rushmore' and numerous celebrity golf tournaments and late-night party incidents, the place has been rechristened The Bill Murray. 'There are many Bill ­Murrays, including William Murray, the first Earl of Dysart, who was the childhood whipping boy of Charles I of England,' Angel Comedy Club compere Barry Ferns told the Islington Tribune. 'But Bill Murray is probably our favourite.' Way to be specific there, Barry.

To be fair, it's pretty appropriate: Bill Murray is known for his wild antics, like turning up unannounced at parties and weddings, and driving a golf cart the wrong way down a Stockholm street. And if rumours of more unsavoury behaviour ever turn out to be true, it wouldn't be the first time a London drinking hole was named after a less-than-spotless character. We're not entirely sure it's appropriate to name a pub after a living person – if this takes off, how long before middle England is awash with establishments called The Farage? – but it's certainly memorable.

While you're here, why not check out this photo of Bill Murray looking like Tom Hanks? Or is it Tom Hanks looking like Bill Murray?

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