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So you’ve never been to Oasis Farm Waterloo?

Time Out Reader Takeover contributor

As part of the Time Out Reader Takeover, one of our readers Sara Lopez celebrates this green space south of the river. 

A farm in Waterloo! How the hell did that happen?
Once a strip of wasteland, this abandoned patch by Upper Marsh was transformed into a half-acre urban farm in 2014. The vision was to provide a safe, supportive and inspiring space for the community. And it delivered: Oasis runs therapeutic and educational activities for children, and a popular Christmas Market. It is volunteer-run in partnership with Jamie’s Farm, so there are regular fundraising events to help keep the cow gates open. Comedian Michelle Zahner is mucking in next with her one-woman show ‘A Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery’ on November 10. And Oasis recently hosted a glam rock night in its newly built barn. That’s right, farms can be glam too.

What can I see there?
Animals often get transferred, but there’s usually one sow with a litter of piglets and some frolicking lambs. The first Oasis calves are on their way, and you can see chickens running freely around the grounds. And like any other agricultural venture, Oasis grow their own veggies along with other beautiful plants.

What’s different about it?
Whether you’re visiting or volunteering at the farm, you are not just helping yourself take a break from the hustle and bustle of London. You are helping to create a local community where people of all ages and situations feel included, plus help disadvantaged young people to thrive through its Farming, Family and Therapy programme. Stop by any Saturday afternoon for tea and coffee, make friends with the animals and improve your planting skills. Volunteers can help to feed the animals, offer support during special events and generally keep the place running. What are ewe waiting for?

Oasis Farm Waterloo. Lambeth North. Next event: ‘A Modern Guide to Heroism and Sidekickery’, Fri Nov 10. £5.

Meet the reader

Name Sara Lopez
Age 24
From Clapham
There is more to London than an urban farm, but it’s a good starting point to discover the city.’

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