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Someone dressed as a hotdog has been spotted taking a nap in a west London vegetable garden 🌭

Rosie Percy

We’ve all done silly things after one too many G&Ts. Nicked traffic cones. Texted our exes. Climbed into a stranger’s garden and fallen asleep in their vegetable patch while dressed as a hotdog. No? 

Well, that’s the scene that unfolded this weekend. Londoner Eryl Humphrey Jones shared a photo in the ‘Shit London’ Facebook group showing a bun-clad reveller among her romaine lettuce the morning after.

Within 48 hours the photo had over 3,000 likes, and puns a plenty from ‘I just need a lie down to ketchup my breath’ to ‘tell her to burger off’. 

Although shared on Sunday, Eryl says the photo was taken about a year ago and she came across it again recently. ‘I was in a bad mood and looking at it really cheered me up. So I thought it could cheer other people up too, and it really has’.

Despite the attention, the identity of the hard-partying hotdog is still a mystery. ‘I quickly took the picture but by the time I’d put shoes on to investigate more, the person had gone, so I never knew who it was.’

From a first glance the mustard-covered culprit looks female – was it you? Help us find that hotdog! 

In other pork related news, did you see the police chase an escaped pig along a street in east London? 

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