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Disabled bay
darius norvilas/Flickr

Someone got a £110 fine after a disabled parking bay was painted around his car overnight

By Hayley Spencer

Sometimes finding a parking space on the streets of London feels like a nightmare. But next time you're struggling to find a spot, spare a thought for the bloke from South Norwood who woke up to find his car parked in a freshly etched disabled bay, complete with a seriously big fine.

Matt Armstrong had parked his Renault Clio in the same old spot outside his house when he got home. The next morning he awoke to find the bay had been painted around the car during the night, while a £110 fine had been slapped on his windscreen. Seriously, who are these traffic warden elves working in the wee hours of the night?

The bay had been painted following a two-year old request from Armstrong's neighbour for her now-deceased husband. 

The disgruntled stage technician explained: 'My neighbour asked for the disabled bay about two and a half years ago for her husband, but he died a couple of months ago and she called them a few times to cancel the request.

'But they’ve done it anyway. I was livid when I saw it. What can I do but pay the fine and hope to repeal it? If you don’t pay you get clamped or towed away.'

Luckily for Armstrong his money woes are over, as following press attention his fine has been cancelled by Lambeth council. No word yet if they've painted over the disabled bay to give him back his rightful car space, though.

In other Lambeth news, the David Bowie mural is getting listed.


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