Squirtle on the Central line! 23 Pokémon we've spotted in London


'Pokémon Go' has taken over the world. Fact. You can't walk down the street without someone jabbing at their phone and doing a not-so-inconspicuous happy dance when they get their hands on a Jigglypuff.

The augmented-reality, GPS-enabled app has officially launched in the UK today, and it's so popular that people seem to have forgotten about taking selfies and moved on to snapping up pictures of their Pokémon instead. We don't know if we should call them #goies, #pokees or #catchems, but we do know that they're taking over our Twitter and Instagram feeds. And if you've not seen them, then here are some pics of Pokémon in their natural environment: the streets of London, obviously.

From famous landmarks:


A photo posted by Pascu Diaz (@pascudiaz) on

To the backstreets of Chinatown:



In theatres:


Outside cinemas:

They've even joined the queue at Bao:


Pokemon are everywhere! Some choose to stay with their own:

And others are just hanging out on public transport:


But the Ratatas are unsurprisingly everywhere:



And this is just the start of it. With the weekend coming up, we're predicting those Pokémon will be hitting the streets and posing for some #catchem-worthy pictures, so send us yours to add to our collection.

Here's everything you need to know about 'Pokémon Go'

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