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Suspicions confirmed? We unlock the secrets of the new ‘Star Wars’ trailer

Tom Huddleston

The third full-length trailer for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' has just landed - here are five things we've learned from it.

1. Daisy Ridley’s Rey has to be a Skywalker

You don’t go around saying ‘I’m no one’ unless you’re actually someone. ‘Star Wars’ was built on fairytales, and there’s nothing more old-school folklorish than a princess who doesn’t realise her true parentage, especially if she’s living in some dusty backwater dreaming of escape into the big, wide galaxy.

2. The First Order are straight-up neo-Nazis

From the big red banners to the lock-step marching, these bad guys may take their political cues from Darth Vader and his evil Empire (right down to some ‘Hamlet’ action with old Darth’s twisted skull), but their aesthetic inspiration goes right back to the 1930s. It’s a more direct link to real-world imagery than ‘Star Wars’ has ever dared before.

3. Is that Luke’s lightsaber in John Boyega’s hand?

Several early rumours around the film focused on the finding of Luke Skywalker’s original blue lightsaber – the one he inherited from his father, who then rudely lopped off his hand causing the aforementioned saber to be lost in the gaseous clouds of Bespin. But the one John Boyega’s clumsily wielding in his face-off with Kylo Ren looks awfully familiar.

4. Princess Leia still loves a good plait

Our first glimpse of Carrie Fisher in the new movies doesn’t tell us a great deal – we were kinda hoping to see her blasting some villains like the badass of the first two movies. Instead she’s crying and getting a hug. But at least her tonsorial tastefulness remains intact.

5. Does someone die?

There’s a shot towards the end of the trailer of Daisy Ridley looking skyward, tears streaming down her face – what could have caused such grief, except the death of someone close to her? We have our strong suspicions who it could be, but we’re not that kind of scum.

Keep an eye on for all the ‘Star Wars’ news as it rolls in, including upcoming interviews with major cast members. And in the meantime, amuse yourself with our list of the 50 best Star Wars characters.

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