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Tania Wade’s London: Soho sushi, Bush Theatre and the joys of Oxford Street

By Things To Do Editors

The actress and art dealer to the stars (ahem, Noel Fielding) shares her favourite city spots

Where do you live and why?
‘I was born in and have never left the West End. We are like old buddies: it’s difficult to break us apart.’

What do you love about London?
‘You can get lost on your own, or throw yourself into the madness of it all.’

Kensington Roof Gardens

Tell us your favourite hidden gem
‘Kensington Roof Gardens (known as “Derry and Tom’s” after the department store). It’s the oldest in the city, with ponds, bridges and Tudor and Spanish gardens.’

Favourite London memory?
‘Substation, a gay club run by the boys I lived with. It was like our local. We’d go down there for what seemed like endless nights and days!’

What smell do you associate with London?
‘The early morning smells of clean Soho streets when the night-time partying and debauchery have been washed away, only to start all over again!’


Take a date
‘Haven’t had one in years!’

Spend a tenner
‘At the local corner shop on a packet of fags when I’ve gone too far to care.’

Get pissed
‘At home with friends – I’m like a teenager after a drink.’

Go with a hangover
‘To my gym – Bannatynes in Bloomsbury – to lounge around on the machines.’

Go for brunch
‘Kyoto Sushi Restaurant in Soho.’

Go to feel inspired
‘Bush Theatre, as there are new writers’ shows there.’

Go on a shopping spree
‘Oxford Street. I love that big, long road.’

Maison Bertaux

Tell a newbie to go
‘Maison Bertaux. You could  meet your future husband!’

Eat a birthday meal
‘Khan’s in Bayswater. I have been going there since I was 16 and have aged with the waiters.’

Go dancing
‘Heaven. It’s so vast but you can still bump into people you haven’t seen in years.’

Absorb nature
‘The Rose Garden in Hyde Park. Childhood memories flash back with all the heavenly scents.’ 

Tania is the founder of Hooligan Art Dealer

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