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The Hungarian government just declared London a ‘no-go zone’

Written by
James Manning

Sorry, everyone: London is officially a ‘no-go zone’. So says the Hungarian government, which has published a pamphlet warning its citizens about European cities with large migrant populations (aka all the good ones).

Prime minister Viktor Orban is leading the ‘no’ campaign in a referendum on whether to accept 1,294 refugees, assigned to Hungary as part of an EU resettlement programme. ‘We do not know how many of them are disguised as terrorists,’ his government’s leaflet warns, confusingly. It also quotes our own ex-PM David Cameron agreeing with Orban (who has previously called immigrants ’poison’) on the need for strong European borders.

Hungary has a razor-wire fence to keep migrants out; London has a massive bouncy castle. Your move, Hungary.

Read Zing Tsjeng on why immigrants are London. Alternatively, here are six things you can do in Budapest that you can’t do in London.

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