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The New York Times is offering a $6,000 tour of London called ‘Brexit Means Brexit’


London has had its fair share of Brexit-byproduct news since the EU referendum vote was cast on 23 June 2016. There was Brexit the Musical, Pret’s Brexit-related woes and news that the vote has changed the city’s status as the most expensive in the world. But the latest has tipped right into post-parody territory: the New York Times has revealed that it’s now offering a six-day political walking tour of London for a hefty $5,995 (£4,640) and they’ve named it after Theresa May’s own words: ‘Brexit Means Brexit’.

For almost 6,000 big ones, curious Americans on the quest for wokedom can fly over to our fair city, stay in a four-star hotel in Westminster and ‘examine the historic implications of a historic vote’ through expert-led visits to our political institutions. One of those experts will be Steven Erlanger, the paper’s London bureau chief.

According to the NYT’s marketing material, the fourth day of the ‘Brexit Means Brexit’ itinerary involves ‘a talk on British foreign affairs’ where the tour group can ‘discuss the U.K.’s trade, political and defence policies with Europe and the rest of the world’. When they’re done chin-wagging over UK trade agreements, they can ponder the points of the day over ‘a traditional afternoon tea complete with scones and clotted cream, before joining a political historian to put British politics in context within the E.U.’ 

Following a visit to Guildhall, guests are encouraged to ‘pause for refreshments atop one of the new buildings, offering spectacular views over metropolitan London.’ A view of the political AND the metropolitan landscape: it’s a two-for-one deal.  

Other holiday highlights include a tour of the Houses of Parliament to meet with members from the House of Commons and the House of Lords. And for day five, it’s a trip to the Supreme Court, where the Article 50 Brexit Appeal was decided, for a Q&A with a legal expert.

Scrap the package holiday to the Caribbean, this trip sounds like it’ll be a LOL a minute.

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Image by Flickr/Sgoldswo

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