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There's a display of Motörhead sex toys on Oxford Street


What could be sexier than a sweaty old man with a handlebar moustache grunting about poker? That’s presumably the thinking behind a new range being advertised with a pretty eye-catching display at Harmony on Oxford Street: Motörhead-branded sex toys (or ‘Pleasure Tools’) that have landed in time for the Christmas shopping season.

Motörhead Pleasure Tools

Fulfilling the wildest dreams of… somebody, presumably, and marketed with the phrase ‘Lemmy satisfy you’ (shudder), the Pleasure Tools range includes branded vibrators called ‘Overkill’ and ‘Born to Lose’. Motörhead do have a track actually called ‘Vibrator’, which we’re guessing is where they got the idea.

We’re not sure it’s ever a good idea these days to use a ’70s celebrity to market anything, let alone sex toys – plus Lemmy’s most recent appearance in the news was a story about him finishing (a gig) prematurely. Nevertheless, a big thumbs up for the person on Harmony’s product development team who thought they spotted a gap that needed filling… so to speak.

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