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There’s an all-you-can-eat cheese festival coming to town

There’s an all-you-can-eat cheese festival coming to town

A giant immersive cheese board. Man-sized mice. A double height fireplace. Unlimited cheese AND mulled wine.

‘What is this beautiful fever dream?’ I hear you cry. Well peeps, it's set to become a reality this Christmastime, when The Giant Cheeseboard – a new cheese festival – is coming to town. Specifically, to Greenwich and the nightclub/events space Studio 338.

Anyhow, they’re serious about that giant cheese board and the man mice. Punters will be able to wander round a room-sized board, sampling artisan cheeses served by oversized vermin. The £30 entrance fee gets you as much cheese and mulled wine as you can swallow; go hungry and sober and you’ll easily make your cash back. There will also be DJs playing ‘modern cheese anthems’. And cheesecake. And vegan alternatives for the cheese-averse (seriously though, why bother coming?). ‘This,’ the organisers state, ‘is going to change your life.’ That or give you terrible nightmare. We’ll take our chances.

For more information and tickets, check the Giant Cheeseboard Facebook page.

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Clare R

Literally the worst event I have ever been to. I have been conned out of £40 of my money for this event. It was no where near as advertised and so poor in every department. I left angry and upset about being defrauded. Time Out, please do something about refunds to remain trusted by your readers. 

Adam J

Just on my way home from here. Not what was promised at all. Cold mulled wine and cider which ran out by 10:30pm no hot food which was meant to be available. No cheesecake or live music. The staff wouldn't respond and the organisers deleted all of the bad comments from Facebook. They have given a generic email address to complain to that will not respond to you. I recommend that anyone thinking of going to avoid.

Alano X

@Adam J I'm really surprised how a fight didn't break out or people didn't set that place on fire.. outraged by it

Kelly O

Hey TimeOut - you might want to revisit the legitimacy of events you are promoting. This one is widely reported to have been massively misrepresented to the point of being fraudulent!