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These are the weirdest things people have left behind in Ubers

Written by
Alexandra Sims

Ever ordered an Uber after a few tequila shots, only to realise the next day that you’ve gone and left your wig sack behind in the car? No? Us neither, but believe it or not, someone has actually found themselves minus a wig sack (yes, a sack of wigs) after catching an Uber, according to a list released by the taxi app of the weirdest items left behind in their cars. Over the last six months, more than 5,000 items were handed into Uber’s lost property hub in east London by drivers. Here are ten of the strangest that have been found: 

1. Goldfish
2. Hamster 
3. Dentures
4. Bag of human hair 
5. Wig sack 
6. A whole ham 
7. A teppanyaki grill
8. 50 mozzarella balls
9. Three big sacks of baking flour
10. Five sombreros

We’re not sure what’s weirder – the entire ham or the bag of human hair. Either way, leaving your phone behind in an Uber doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

In other news, this map shows London’s most popular Uber journeys.

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