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These two London restaurants will lock up your phone while you eat

Written by
Josh Mcloughlin

You could be mid-way through pouring out your soul but if your friend, date or dining buddy hears a ping, chances are they'll check their phone, no matter what.

Now two London restaurants have had enough of people being glued to their screen when eating out. The Tea Terrace Restaurants and Tea Rooms, in the House of Fraser stores on Oxford Street and Victoria Street will be running an optional (and horribly named) 'Phonetentiary' scheme.

Customers can opt to hand over their mobile phone, which will be locked away for the duration of the meal inside a box resembling a book. And only staff know the combination to get it.

And if you're deadly serious about imprisoning your phone and looking at someone's face while you talk to them, the box will be available for customers to buy, too. Alternatively you could just, y'know, turn it off.

In other news, Greggs is trialling a delivery service in London.

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Posted by Time Out London on Thursday, 12 January 2017

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