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This app will wake you up earlier when there are delays on your commute

Isabelle Aron

We all have days where we rush to the station in an attempt to finally be on time for work for the first time that week, only to be greeted with every Londoner's worst nightmare: 'severe delays'. But Cubic Transportation Systems, the folks who invented the Oyster card, have come up with a solution to our problems – an app that wakes you up earlier when there are delays on your commute to work. The app, called NextCity, is still in the development process but the idea is that it will provide information about trains, roads and cycling and pedestrian routes and will be able to give you personalised advice based on where you travel to and from and how you usually get there. If there are travel problems on your usual route, it'll wake you up earlier and suggest the best route to make sure you get to work on time.

It sounds like a pretty good idea, but here's a better one: how about waking us up later when there are delays? That way we can sleep through all the chaos and wake up when the coast is clear for us to have a smooth journey into work. Sure, we'll be late, but it's not our fault because 'severe delays'.

Image: CGP Grey

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