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This handy map shows London's busiest cycle commute routes

Written by
Isabelle Aron

If you didn't Instagram those artisan jam-jar cocktails you were drinking on Friday night, it didn't happen, right? By the same logic, hordes of London commuters have been obsessively clocking up their hours spent on two wheels through cycling app Strava, which lets you track your activity and compete against friends for ultimate bragging rights. Using the data from 12 cities across the world, Strava has filtered out everything except commuter journeys, to create these handy heat maps of each city.

As well as saving on travel money and building up some serious calf muscles, London cyclists now have another reason to be smug as the data shows that out of all 12 cities, Londoners commute the most on bike, with 8,639 people logging their journeys through the app every day. The data also shows that the average London cycle commute is 9.3 miles and the most popular day to cycle to work is Tuesday, which makes sense as it's when most people will have perked up after any post-weekend blues, but before your enthusiasm to hop on your bike starts to increasingly wane as the week goes on. 

Check out the interactive map here.

If you don't fancy cycling on London's roads, take a look at our guide to the best indoor cycling studios.

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