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This hilarious browser plug-in strips estate agent clichés out of property listings

James Manning

Nine times out of ten, looking for somewhere to live in London consists almost entirely of crushing disappointment. We’ve all died a little bit inside when a ‘stunning studio flat’ turns out to be smaller than Harry Potter’s understairs cupboard or a ‘charming period property’ comes with more mould than a deli cheese aisle – which is why this new Chrome plug-in will strike a chord with London’s army of renters.

The ‘Shitemove’ extension by Liam Butler automatically tweaks property listings on major sites to zap clichés and hyperbole, replacing words like ‘stunning’ and ‘stylish’ with ‘passable’, ‘tasteless’, ‘disappointing’, ‘insufficient’ and ‘shit’. It’s not London-specific but, according to its creator, ‘seems to work best on London listings’. Although it won’t actually help you find somewhere to live, at least it’ll keep you entertained.

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