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This tube map shows how much more rent you'll pay for an easier commute

Written by
Josh Mcloughlin

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Dreaming of an easier commute? It's always near the top of every Londoner's wishlist, whether you're a long-suffering commuter who has had enough of grisly mornings on the Northern line, or you've just arrived in the city, full of tragically misplaced optimism about London's rental market. 

But everyone knows renting in London is damn expensive, and the closer you are to central London, the more you'll be shelling out each month. Now a new tube map designed by Totally Money shows just how much extra Londoners are forking out for a precious few extra minutes in bed.

The alternative tube map shows the impact of journey time on average weekly rent prices around London Underground stations – and it's not good news for sleep-deprived Londoners looking to up sticks and move closer to work. On average, commuters pay £6.60 extra a week for each minute shaved off their journey time, which is the price of a Zone 1-2 daily cap on your oyster.

Totally Money has also worked out the ten cheapest and most expensive places to live that are between five and 40 minutes away from central London. Mile End and Bethnal Green are the best value for money areas in Zone 2, whilst Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale, thanks to the speedy Victoria Line, also make the top ten.

Unsurprisingly, the most expensive areas are all in Zone 1, meaning a leisurely lie-in for those lucky enough to live near Oxford Circus, South Kensington and Green Park.

For the rest of us, it looks like we'll be snoozing on the tube in the morning for the forseeable future.

Want more alternative tube maps? This one shows all the Christmassy things to do London.

In other news, the night tube is definitely launching on the Piccadilly line this weekend.

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