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This tube map shows how you could climb Mount Everest on the underground

Isabelle Aron
Written by
Isabelle Aron

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Always wanted to climb a mountain but don't really have the time? It turns out you could have scaled the peaks of Mount Everest without even realising. Well, sort of. Outdoor sportswear company Snow + Rock have worked out how many times you'd have to walk up the stairs or escalators at various tube stations to have climbed the equivalent height of some of the world's tallest mountains.

If you fancy tackling the 8,848 metres of Mount Everest (without the fresh air or spectacular views) you'd only have to walk up the escalators at Hampstead station, er, 151 times - so it's probably not a one-day job but if you did it once a day on weekdays, you'd have done it in about seven and a half months. Or if you're slightly less committed, you could take on Ben Nevis at Euston station in only 40 ascents of the escalators. So if you're one of those sprightly folk who charges up the escalators rather than standing still with your eyes barely open, you've now got even more reason to feel smug. 

Want more ways to get fit on your commute? This tube map shows how many calories you'll burn by walking between stations.

Or check out TfL's geographically accurate tube map.

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