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Those creepy clowns have arrived in London: here's everything you need to know

Isabelle Aron

Have you spotted a clown on your commute this morning? We wish we were joking. A creepy trend from America has made its way over to London, which involves people dressing up as clowns and scaring unsuspecting members of the public. Because that's not messed up at all, is it?

And if you're thinking, hey, it's just a bit of fun, let us ask you - does this look like a fun guy? 

This particular clown was spotted at Brunel University in Uxbridge and we have to agree with Tynnaroo - this really is 'not cool forealz'.

But don't panic, the clown in question has since come forward and said he bought the chainsaw from B&Q and was filming for his YouTube channel. Oh, that's okay then.

Elsewhere, the Thames Valley Police said they've been called to 14 separate clown-related incidents in the space of 24 hours this weekend.

There have been incidents in Archway, Dagenham and Lewisham. They're even hanging out outside RBS. Is nowhere safe from these jokers?

We're hoping this all blows over pretty swiftly, but until then, be wary of people with giant shoes and suspiciously spherical noses.

Photo: Dave Pearce

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