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Three quirky continental drink alternatives to a cold pint this summer

Alex Foch

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Sick of watery pints? It’s time for a slick continental cocktail that might get you off the brown stuff for good (or at least make your hangovers slightly more tolerable).


If you can get over the fact it looks like mouthwash and has a strong aniseed taste, pastis could be your summer 2016 drink. An apéritif from France, absinthe’s mellow(er) younger brother should be reserved for those special, summer-defining moments; a sip is all it takes to transport you to a deckchair in Marseille’s Vieux-Port. Try it at the friendly Gallic bar Baranis and remember to water it down to a 5:1 ratio to avoid the shame of scoring 'nul points'.


The ratio of elderflower syrup to prosecco is crucial in an Italian cocktail like the Hugo. A wayward slip of wrist could spell the difference between a glorious hike through the rugged scenery of the Tyrolean Alps and riding a donkey on Blackpool Beach sporting a backwards mankini and a splitting headache from what was supposed to be a quiet night at Wetherspoons. A soupçon of mint complements the drink nicely and it's often compared to a mojito. At the Bavarian Beerhouse, there's even a dark variation made with dunkelweizen beer, so you can suitably refresh yourself and save face in front of your hardcore drinking buddies. 


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Step aside kale, flaxseed oil and goji berries – the newest health fad has been unearthed. The Spanish rebujito cocktail has a sherry base diluted by fresh lemonade or soda water, with a dash of mint added for sass. Literally translated as 'little badly wrapped package', this thirst-quenching mixer is so refreshing and low in alcohol, it won't leave your head feeling sore the morning after. You can try it at Morito, where each rebujito is individually mixed with affection.

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