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Top 100 restaurants: the tenth best restaurant in London is…

Top 100 restaurants: the tenth best restaurant in London is…
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Social Eating House

This week we're counting down towards announcing the best restaurant in London on Tuesday August 11. We'll be revealing the top ten one by one each day. And so without further ado, Social Eating House is in at number ten.

Our review says:

'It’s not easy to open a spate of brand-new restaurants and maintain high standards, but chef-patron Jason Atherton has clearly moved on from being the sorcerer’s apprentice (under Gordon Ramsay) to being the sorcerer himself. His Little Social deluxe bistro only opened in March 2013, right opposite his fine dining Pollen Street Social in Mayfair. He followed this up, weeks later, with an even more ambitious restaurant in Soho, by delegating the chef role to his buddy and long-time head chef at Pollen Street Social, Paul Hood.'

Read more about Social Eating House. 58-59 Poland Street, W1F 7NR

Check back tomorrow at midday for number NINE!


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Cat C
Cat C

I went there once. We didn't eat but just got drinks. When I ordered two bottles of beer at the bar, the guy had the audacity to include service charge in the price. I wondered why they slyly pushed a receipt towards me before I paid. All he did was open the bottles and hand them over. So, yeah, if you do go here, make them take the service charge off. It's overpriced enough as it is.