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Tracey Emin and Juergen Teller have picked their ten favourite selfies

Dawn Woolley, 'The Substitute (Holiday)'
Dawn Woolley, 'The Substitute (Holiday)'

When I woke up this morning, I thought: 'this is it. Today is the day when I finally write my Pulitzer Award-winning article. Today is the day when I carve my name into the annals of journalistic history, when I etch my words into the public consciousness forever. I can just feel it. Today, a story will come along, and I will write about it with such panache, such brilliance, that the office will stand up and applaud as one, Facebook commenters will weep, my mother will finally tell me she's proud of me, and the Pulitzer panel will release a statement to the press saying "all of you, just fucking give up, read this shit, it's incredible, there's no point trying, he's done it, he's done it".'

But I was wrong. Because it turns out that today is actually the day when I write an article about how a west London mega-gallery has teamed up with a phone brand to put on an exhibition about the history of the 'selfie'. I guess Pulitzer day can wait. The Saatchi Gallery (and Huawei) are currently hosting 'From Selfie to Self-Expression', looking at selfies from the great Velazquez to the great Kim Kardashian.
But they also held a competition, where you could submit your own selfies and have them judged by art world giants like Juergen Teller, Tracey Emin, Juno Calypso and Idris Khan. Boy, we really do live in blessed times. Anyway, here's what those geniuses picked as the ten best selfies by ordinary members of the public out of the 10,000 submitted:

The winner:
Dawn Woolley, 'The Substitute (Holiday)'. © Dawn Woolley.

The runners up


Debora De Haes, 'Life is Possible Only Where Life Can Exist'. © Debora De Haes 2017


Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion, 'Walk with Myself in the Park'. © Felicia Hodoroabă-Simion 2017



Patrick Gonzales, 'Untitled - #4'. © Patrick Gonzales 2017



Finnian Croy, 'Duo'. © Finnian Croy 2017



Ola Walków, 'My Only Dream was About Being Beautiful, But it was Hurting Me.... I Had to do it.....' © Ola Walków 2017

Ollie Hayward, 'Gayngel 2'. © Ollie Hayward 2017

Sarah Carpenter, 'Torn'. © Sarah Carpenter 2017 


Van O, 'Predators'. © Van O 2017

 Andy Kassier, 'Africa High (Tennis)'. © Andy Kassier 2017


Wow, right? Just wow. For full details for the show click here, and find actual good art to see here.