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Westminster tube station has been rebranded as 'Webminster'

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David Clack

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Londoners may not agree on everything, but if there’s one thing we all, to a person, have in common, it’s our universal respect for the sanctity of the tube map.

Basically, unless you’re making a cool or useful remix that we can look at on the internet, you do not fuck with the tube map. You certainly don’t go changing the names of stations willy-friggin’-nilly, then make matters worse by tinkering with station signage too.

Except, if you’re Amazon, you totally do.


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The big invisible shop that everyone loves to hate has taken the audacious move of rebranding Westminster as ‘Webminster’, a move that’s sure to be welcomed by already-pretty-fucking-confused tourists desperate to take a selfie with a big clock.

This has, of course, happened before. Two years ago, Canada Water was briefly re-skinned as Buxton Water, which everyone thought was pretty fucking stupid too.

Hey, Big Brands: cease and desist. Sincerely, London.

In other tube news, there might be another strike on the way.

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