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What to see on the Brixton Design Trail this weekend

Written by
Camilla Laake

Plans for the weekend? If you haven’t yet checked out the Brixton Design Trail, part of The London Design Festival, it’s your last chance this weekend to catch the majority of events. Here are six of the highlights.

1. Brixton Street Gallery by Squire and Partners

Take a stroll down Stockwell Avenue and get involved in Squire and Partners interactive outdoor installation. Inspired by Brixton Design Trail’s ‘Rebel Rebel’ theme, the project delves into the dynamic relationship people have with public spaces. Stockwell Avenue is transformed into a large scale canvas where you can contribute or just admire the fresh art work. Contributions come from Squire and Partners and local artists Kaylene Alder, Azarra Amoy and Unify. 

2. PAJAKI 'Spiders of Straw' by BRIXI & Bobbin and Bow

Fear not, there isn't a giant spider hanging out in Brixton. Pajaki (which means Spider in Polish) is a traditional Polish chandelier, crafted from straw and paper, which dates back to the eighteenth century. If you missed the Pajaki workshops at recent Crafty Fox Market, you can still bask in the beauty of the giant Pajaki hanging outside BRIXI in Brixton Village.  

3. The People’s Posters by The Champion Agency

According to the 'people', Brixtonites have a soft spot for chicken. Walk around the streets and see if you can spot the People’s Posters printed by The Champion Agency. The project intends to amplify voices in Brixton, and the quotes dotted around the town highlight how vibrant the community is. 

4. Windows of Brixton by Hustlebucks

The Windows of Brixton is a canvas expressing the voices of the local youth. Keep your eyes peeled for designs developed by young people at youth social enterprise Hustlebucks. A number of window spaces in Brixton are transformed by inventive designs and lively vinyl graphics. 

5. We Can Be Heroes at Pop Brixton

This project, lead by local artist Sam Furness, was inspired by the outpour of tributes seen at the David Bowie mural this year. The special installation invites people to create an origami flower or crane and write a message to someone who they consider to be a hero before attaching it to the lightning bolt frame.

6. Wahaca Reflections by Jo Gibbs

Fancy tacos and tequila? Want to dine for free? Jo Gibbs (designer of chairs, mirrors, and tables which are spread throughout the Wahaca branches) has hung interactive mirrors around the Wahaca restaurant in Brixton, inviting people to take pictures of themselves in them and post their snaps on Instagram. Get yourselves down to Wahaca, take a quick snapshot, and tag @jogibbslondon with the hashtag #reflectionsbrixton. If yours is ‘the most beautiful and interesting photograph’ of them all, you and a friend could be feasting for nada.

The Brixton Design Trail wraps up on September 25. 

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