What to watch on TV today: December 30


Yes, Christmas is already in the distant past. It’s not quite New Year’s Eve yet, and, no, you can’t be bothered to go for a walk. Don’t worry, there’s an impressive handful of movies on TV today to help you kill this much-needed downtime between Christmas and New Year – and all five of the films below are suitable for most of the family to watch (apart from very little ones).


How better to remember David Bowie at Christmas (apart from re-enacting the video for ‘Dancing in the Streets’ with your gran) than watching Jim Henson’s bizarre, fun 1986 fantasy film in which Bowie plays the Goblin King and a young Jennifer Connelly plays a young girl trying to find her little brother in a mind-bending maze? Once you’ve watched it, you can waste some more time trying to recreate the costumes and hairstyles. 2pm, Channel 5.

Home Alone

Nothing says Christmas more than your family abandoning you at home at the mercy of a pair of burglars. But who can resist this modern Christmas classic that unfolds to the most American, most suburban seasonal backdrop imaginable – even if you might want to slap young Macaulay Culkin round the chops by the end of it. 8pm, E4.

Les Misérables

Do you hear the people sing? You might hear your family humming or singing along if you sit down to watch this big-budget movie spin on the long-running stage musical set in nineteenth-century France and based loosely on Victor Hugo’s novel. It’s directed by Tom ‘The King’s Speech’ Hooper and the cast includes Hugh Jackson, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway. On second thoughts, you probably don’t want to hear Russell Crowe sing. 8pm, More 4.

Les Misérables

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

The last Harry Potter book was split into two movies for purely creative reasons, and this is the first episode in the long goodbye to Harry, Hermione and the ginger one. The story sees Harry in pursuit of the Horcruxes – the secret to Lord Voldemort’s immortality. And we thought it was just moisturiser. 8pm, ITV.

Captain America: the Winter Soldier

Definitely one of the best Marvel movies so far, the first Captain America film sees Mr USA (Chris Evans) discovering that his country is about to submit to a fascist conspiracy. Which of your relatives on the sofa will first make a timely reference to Donald Trump? You can take bets beforehand. 8.30pm, BBC1.

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Happy Christmas! 

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