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Woody Harrelson is planning to shoot a one-off live movie on London's streets

Written by
Tom Huddleston

As far as we're aware, it's a first: a feature film shot live and broadcast to cinemas around the world. But that's what director-star Woody Harrelson will attempt on Jan 19 next year, in the company of fellow stars (and near-anagrams of one another) Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson. Entitled 'Lost in London', this is a bizarre, ambitious project that could be truly special if Woody pulls it off.

To be honest, the synopsis does give us pause: Woody will play himself, trying to get home to his family while encountering old friends, getting into scrapes with the police and having 'run-ins with royalty'. Whether this means a cameo from Prince Harry or Owen Wilson with a really silly accent remains to be seen. The possibility that the film will be completely hijacked by passing Londoners is surely very real – if word spreads on Twitter that Woody is on the rampage in our fair city, expect everyone and his dog to go and have a butcher's. Still, we'll be cheering for Woody and his crew – and genuinely intrigued to see how it all turns out.

'Lost in London' will happen live on Jan 19, and will then be released as a feature film. Keep an eye on Time Out Film for more news and reviews.

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