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You could win this flat in Dalston for two quid

Aleksandra Laganowska

Remember earlier this year when a house in Blackheath was raffled off for £5 a ticket? Well, now a whole property platform is launching for people to sell their homes via a public competition. It’s snappily called WinAbode, and it kicks off today by putting a three-bedroom flat in Dalston up for grabs.

The property is said to be worth £700,000 and tickets cost £2 each – which is definitely the cheapest way of getting on the London property ladder we’ve ever seen. There are 400,000 tickets up for grabs, and to enter you have to answer a fairly simple London trivia question, which legally makes the whole thing an above-board ‘skills-based prize competition’ rather than a lottery.

For extra brownie points, the site will be donating 10 percent of its fee to the Centrepoint homelessness charity. Not convinced? Too good to be true? Read the site’s FAQs and make up your own mind. Considering how many people have been priced out of ever buying a house in London, we wouldn’t be surprised if this thing takes off.

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Jono Oldershaw

Hello, I'm Jono, co-founder of Paytogether. I just wanted to add a quick note of reassurance that we are compliant with the industry-standard PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) – and our bot interface is a safe environment to make payments online. No sensitive data is handled by servers outside of the Paytogether system and all information processed by Paytogether is fully encrypted. If anyone has any further questions on this or any other aspect of our business, feel free to drop us a line via our website ( Thanks. :)

Harry H

Who on earth would pay 700 grand for a flat in Darlston of all places no wonder it can't sell

Nine R

Although it looks like live chat, it's just a bot. The payment company is I checked out as much as I could before the process ended and it does give the impression of being legitimate. However, I'll keep an eye on my payment card, just in case. There is an option to enter free by downloading a form and mailing it back to them.

Lisa P

Site does not seem secure. There is no way I'm adding payment details over live chat. I agree with the comments below. Why advertise PayPal when there is no option to pay in this way.

Louisa L

Tried to enter and to pay, gave them my mobile phone number for them to message a code, that they request as verification. and never received the code! Couldn't go any further..

Ann B

The website shows they accept Paypal, however there is no option to pay with Paypal when you check out.  Is this trustworthy?

Thomas H

Why is Timeout advertising what is essentially a desperate seller running a raffle. You know what would actually be too good to be true - affordable housing in London.

Loren M

Win Abode is a registered company on COmpanies House

And payment company looks legit

James B

any one know if this is ligit?