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You know you live in Mile End when...

The Pub Raider
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The Pub Raider

Mile End may not be the edgiest bit of the East End, but it’s certainly not lacking in character. Those of us who’ve come to call this little nugget of London our home wouldn’t swap it for any number of rainbow bagels or beard parlours. You really know you’re a Mile Ender when….

You have to slalom around endless dog shit when you’re on your way anywhere. Good luck on those late-night strolls….

Nipping to the shop means a stark choice between the world's unfriendliest Tesco on Roman Road or the world's narrowest Tesco on Mile End Road; aggression or high possibility of bum-to-bum contact in the biscuit aisle. Tough choice.


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You often wonder what you might see on your next trip underneath the ‘railway bridge of abandoned things’ just up from the road from the Morgan Arms on Morgan Street. Will it be a miniature pink keyboard? A tainted frying pan? Several throw cushions? Oh, the suspense!

You like the idea of the ‘proper East End’ Roman Road Market and its myriad offerings of dodgy board games, weird furniture and Kelvin Clone underwear but in reality you’ve never bought anything there because it actually scares you a little bit.

You constantly brag about how nice it is to be near the facilities of the Olympic Park without ever having actually used them. 

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You’re justifiably smug that your Amazon deliveries always arrive insanely quickly as the depot is practically next door.

You feel like you’ve stepped back in time every time you visit the legendary pub The Palm Tree.

You still cling onto fond memories of surviving journeys on the N8 all the way from Tottenham Court Road when getting a cab cost the earth and Uber was just a distant dream.


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