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You know you live in Parsons Green when...

Written by
Emily Tarrier

Despite its fairly central location in Zone 2, countless pub gardens, independent cafés and boutique shops make Parsons Green feel like a small English village. Ask a resident where they live and we’ll usually reach for the more well-known ‘Fulham’ – but we’re perfectly happy in our hidden little SW6 community. You know you live in Parson’s Green when...

...people only know where you live because of one pub

When you tell people you live in Parsons Green you’re almost guaranteed one response: ‘Oh yeah, I’ve been to the Sloaney Pony’. That’s the street name for the White Horse Pub on the corner of Parsons Green. On a sunny day, the Sloaney’s pub garden draws in people from all across the city. However, this can make it particularly difficult to find somewhere to sit, or even stand for that matter. As a local, you’ve probably learned the exact time to arrive so you’ve also got a chance of nabbing a table. go for brunch every weekend

You can’t walk more than 20 steps in Parsons Green without passing somewhere serving brunch. Whether it’s a full English and a coffee at Côte, smashed avocado on toast and a healthy smoothie at Boys ‘N’ Berry, or eggs benedict and mimosas at Hally’s, brunch is a compulsory weekend ritual.’s pretty easy to burn off calories

There are a lot of fitness freaks in the neighbourhood, and this is probably because of the 1:1 ratio of fitness studios to people. This is one of the few places in London where people in activewear are actually heading to do some form of exercise. We don’t like anything too rigorous though, probably just something that makes us sound really cool like ‘Bikram Yoga’ or ‘Dynamic Pilates’. 

...dogs are allowed pretty much everywhere

That’s shops, restaurants, and even the pubs. Our furry friends have managed to gain full human status and are allowed just about anywhere – so you might spot a 40kg German Shepherd sat on a chair inside a pub enjoying a burger and pint with its owners. know to stay at home when there’s a Chelsea match on

Stock up on food, close all the windows and whatever you do, do not leave the house. Before and after a home match at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea fans descend on Parsons Green like a swarm of alcoholic bees. They take over the pubs, the bars – and even the brunch spots! But you’re a local, so you probably have a list of all home matches and plan your sofa days accordingly. don’t feel guilty about an end of the night kebab

Since moving into the area you’ve become a bit of a kebab snob. There’s only one place you’ll go for your post-night out snack and it’s Kebab Kid on New Kings Road. ‘It serves healthy kebabs,’ you tell all of your friends because ‘Jamie Oliver said so’. Of course, the word ‘healthy’ is used subjectively but you need to justify your weekly fast food binge. It’s totally worth paying £7.25 for, right?

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