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You might be able to make calls and use the internet on the tube very soon

Alexandra Sims

It’s no secret that when it comes to surfing the web, London is pretty behind the times. Not only is the capital one of the worst cities in the UK for 4G coverage, but it’s also way behind Paris, Berlin, New York (though subway coverage – or is it covfefe – can be poor) and Tokyo – you can use your mobile phone in all those places while travelling underground.

But that could all be about to change. Under new plans from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the Tube might finally get onto the grid. After the general election, a major contract will be up for grabs to provide a service that will allow commuters to get mobile reception and access to wi-fi while travelling on tube trains underground, as well as on the platform, according to the Financial Times.

This twenty-first-century overhaul is part of Sadiq’s plan to improve digital connectivity throughout the city. He even recruited London’s first ever chief digital officer earlier this year. So, it may not be long until you can carry on that important game of Candy Crush without being interrupted by going underground; but, you’ll never be able to use the ‘no signal on the Tube’ excuse to dodge someone’s call again. 

In other travel news: you’ll soon be able to get a direct train from London to Amsterdam.

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