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You need this colouring book of all crappy things that happened in 2016

James Manning

Yeesh, what a year. We can’t say we’re entirely sad to see the back of 2016, but an enterprising artist called Mel Elliott has found a way to turn its bad bits to her advantage. Her book ‘Colour Me Bad: A Colouring Compendium of All Crappy Things 2016’ lets you revisit all this year’s most ‘oh shit’ moments – celebrity deaths, Brexit, police brutality, the US election, Philip Green, Tobleronegate and many more – through the medium of colouring. After all, if you’re feeling masochistic enough to relive all the crappiest bits of the past 12 months, you may as well do it armed with a pack of felt tips. And watch this space for an even more depressing sequel next year! Just kidding, 2017’s going to be totally great. Merry Christmas.

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Colouring by James Manning

Colouring by Phoebe Trimingham

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