Knees Up Round the Organ

Nightlife, Cabaret and burlesque
A night of saucy singalong fun from the dapper Msiter Meredith, spanning work originating on the terraces, in the pews, down the pub and on the telly. It's charming, thoughtful and bloody good fun – the trick to it is that Mr M keeps the spirits high throughout, generating a wave of bonhomie from the sheer pleasure of a room united in song that he surfs with finesse, while at the same time navigating a subtly understated analytical undercurrent. 'Knees Up' traces the threads of tribal melody that are woven through our culture, connecting music hall to schoolyard, teenage bedroom to football field; most are joyous, some have a hard edge. It's a smart affair, then, but he doesn't make a song and dance about it. That's what the music's for.


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