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Venue name: Backyard Cinema
Address: Camden Lock Place
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A backyard, bean bags and Balou the Bear. What a fun night!

After the initial confusion over where the venue exactly was, a struggle seemingly shared by a few of tonight's visitors, we walked up to a small signposted hole in the wall, intrigued by what was waiting on the other side. I liked that the cinema had chosen the Mercato Metropolitano as the location as it provides visitors with a whole host of sumptuous Italian street food and an energetic bustle to be enjoyed before the film. 

We climbed through the narrow hole, up a sharp incline and were thrown deep inside the jungle, balancing carefully over the bridge in front of us and ducking to avoid the hanging jungle creepers and plants. And if that wasn't fun enough, we then had to scramble through a rock-filled pit (grey styrofoam) and, using a hanging rope, almost swing through into the cinema itself. Just as advertised in the photos, the room was set out with rows of bean bags, a handy bar at the back and jungle themed memorabilia all around us. The staff were very friendly and showed us to our seats quite quickly. The bar was stocked with a trendy selection of fancy sodas, sugar filled cocktails and craft beers (what's wrong with a good old fashioned Diet Coke?!) and was reasonably priced and well staffed. Plus there were blankets to hire for £1 which was a nice touch that we made full use of. 
And then the film started which was great (if not very scary even the second time round!). 
In summary, the tittillating entrance, the overall jungle themed setup and the comfort of the bean bag seats made for a great night and one I'd have no problem paying for in the future. Scrap the printouts and you've got a perfect evening!

I went to see Romeo & Juliet in St Marys Church with a live choir and it was an amazing experience! I love this film so that was a tick from the beginning. The church setting sounded pretty good but it was only once I was there that I appreciated how sublime it was! The church was set up beautifully, just like in the film, and pews were swapped for deck chairs and sofas. The choir, some voices were super talented, and fit their performances with the movie seamlessly. The whole event was beautiful, I was even tearful in some bits! I definitely recommend this and will be going to some more Backyard Cinema screenings in the near future!


"Fun and different" are the best way to describe Backyard Cinema. I was lucky enough to attend one of their Romeo and Juliet screenings in a beautiful church by Great Portland Street. The whole experience was amazing. There's no other way to call it, it is really an experience.

The venue fit the film to a T, and they even added light up crosses similar to the film. The bar downstairs reminded me of the grittiness of the film and even the food was a bit higher class than your average cinema. Proper Popcorn? Yes please. 

I wish I could say that the amazing choir singing along to certain scenes from the film was the highlight of my night but finding out that they had to move everything out during the screening because there was church on Sunday made me laugh for half the tube ride home. 

I love that they make seeing a film an event, I just wish the tickets were more affordable. I would definitely be going to every one if I could afford it. 


Went to the Romeo & Juliet screening in a church near Marylebone with a live choir and it was INCREDIBLE. It was like walking into the last scene of the film, I felt like Leo and Claire could stroll out at any second! The deck chairs were comfortable, the staff were great and the choir just topped off the screening. Also, lucky enough to get free ice cream afterwards! #Winning

Very good alternative cinema experience and a far more reasonable price than Secret Cinema.


I absolutely loved this experience! I am aware that they hold several events, I went to the church, to watch Romeo and Juliet with a live choir and it was an amazing experience. At first I wasn't particularly sure of how a choir and a movie would work as they both demand a certain degree of attention, but the end result is wonderful. The choir does not detract from the movie at all, but rather they add so much! They make you feel as if you are part of the movie as the music is coming out of the screen. Not to mention the Church's deco that mirrored one of the scenes from the movie. The venue and and the film fit perfectly together and the star was incredibly friendly. If you haven't been yet, Go!


Despite this being my most seen film ever (my crush on Leo has not waned one bit since it first started!) I jumped at the opportunity of seeing it in a church setting accompanied by a choir singing along to the film and was interested to see how it would work in unison. The setting was amazing, the church perfect and when going through to our seats were confronted with lit up crosses down the aisles and a tomb scene reminiscent of the final scene from the movie at the altar...I was impressed! The film was is every time I watch it but accompanied by the choir whilst being paused so they took over was a genius idea, the choirs' voices were amazing and carried through to the entire audience. Am glad I finally went to see one of Backyard cinema's screenings and enjoyed being able to see Romeo and Juliet in such a magical setting!

I've loved this film since it's release & seeing it again after too many years just reminded me what a fantastic job Baz Lurhmann did in 1996. I have to admit it felt strange finding such a young Leo di Caprio so attractive but this was him in his aesthetically glory years! The film still feels fresh, modern & if it was released tomorrow would be a contemporary classic. Backyard Cinema have done a fantastic job sourcing this venue. The attention to detail was fantastic with ushers in Hawaiian shirts & beautiful neon blue crosses lining the aisle. I got shivers just walking into the room. The choir were great & really added to the atmosphere. For fans old & new this is an amazing way to experience this beautiful film.


I had never seen Romeo + Juliet before so this was an opportunity to see the movie and also add the twist of a live choir providing the soundtrack. The venue was fantastic. A church with blue rope-lit crosses mirrored the church in the movie, with a projector screen at one end and two positions for the choir either side of the screen. Downstairs was a funky bar with a selection of drinks and snacks you could buy to take into the experience. It's good that the pews were taken out, instead replaced with futon-style sofas and deckchairs. 

The choir opened the experience with a dramatic "Romeo and Juliet" pre-amble before the movie began, and then promptly sat down in darkness. They didn't jump into action until about 20 minutes into the movie, when the action paused on screen as they sang a full version of a disco hit from the movie. Some Voices are an excellent collection of over 200 vocalists (about 20 performed here), so it's a shame they didn't sing more. There were plenty more times there was no dialogue, or an operatic score behind the action where they could have sung to add more of the live experience over the top. For people who have seen the film before, they would probably want more than what was on offer here. For me, I was happy watching the movie for the first time and forgot at times that a choir was on hand! They performed a superb version of Radiohead's Creep!

In a nutshell, it's a great idea but I think the star attraction could have been used more!


I recently went to a screening of Romeo and Juliet complete with live choir (great job Some Voices!), cocktails, a sweets bar, church location and decorations that Baz Luhrmann would be proud of - it was incredible! The bar area is separate from the screening so you can chill there beforehand enjoying a drink and not worry too much about having too arrive early for good seats - people in the same areas get called at the same time just before the show. There is a mixture of deckchairs and sofas. I was sat on a sofa which was fairly uncomfortable so I'd try for a deck chair if I went again, but overall the church looked like it had been plucked straight from a scene of the film, and the choir and movie were so good that it didn't take away from the experience. Are requests being taken for the next film screening? If so, Sister Act. Just saying.


Wow! I came here last night. All of the staff were very friendly, and it was set out fantastically! Realy beautiful (I wont say exactly how it looked, but it mirrored a Romeo and Juliet sceme from the film).

The chairs themelves (we were on a  sofa type chair) did get quite uncomfortable after some time, but it was only for a couple of hours. You could take snacks and drinks in, which was great. 

The live choir were very good. A really lovely experience!


I saw Romeo and Juliet yesterday at St Mary's! What an experience! The live choir were amazing! They may it such a fantastic experience!! Very nostalgic!! Def worth a watch!! And pick a deckchair!!


A summer outdoor cinema pop up that takes over a couple of quaint locations in Camden Lock Market.  Started in the founder's backyard, you really feel they have kept true to the origins.  Fairy lights, retro films, deck chairs, and friendly staff set the brand, combine that with an Honest Burger and Brooklyn lager and you've got a winning formula.  My only criticism is that because of the proximity of pubs and the fact that you're in Camden there was a fair bit of noise overspill during the film.  Having said that, in my opinion this charming cinema is still way ahead of the competition.