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Venue name: Archer Street
Address: 3-4
Archer Street
Transport: Tube: Piccadilly Circus
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Lively Soho bar with the unique draw of singing staff.  It's not a quiet drink, so be warned, but it's very lively!  We went for Archer's Street Got Talent, a talent show which had drawn in singers from all over the country, and they had Piers Morgan as a guest judge. Am guessing there's been a change of management since the comments below, as the manager I spoke to was really pleasant, though one of the singing waitresses had a bit of an attitude - perhaps the problem with hiring people on their singing abilities rather than their service skills? 

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Had a storming night there at the weekend, with no sign of any issues noted in the comments below. The mixed group of us (about 16 people) had a superb time which went by far too quickly. We found the place had a really great vibe, the service was very friendly and we simply had a cracking night out. Definitely book a table if you can, it gets very busy quite early on - for good reason!

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I was recommended to go to Archer Street by a friend of mine, after a brief five minute queue we were in, the door staff were lovely and on entry we were greeted by a friendly member of the bar staff who asked us to put our coats in the complementary cloakroom ( a nice touch). We checked out the upstairs bar first, the interiors are extremely nice. It provides a sophisticated feel but at the same time one you can relax in. We had a glass of the Billecart and Salmon champagne which was lovely and it is one of the only bars in London that stocks this lovely Champagne. We moved downstairs to dance as there was more room and instantly the dj had us dancing. The whole place was rocking and everyone was dancing on the tables and having a great time. The only bad word i have about the bar is that is can get a bit stuffy, but going outside is easy enough and on a cold night the doorman provide you with blankets to wrap around your shoulders. All in all this is a great bar, the music , the interiors and the cocktail menu go hand in hand to creating one of London's best venues.

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Simply awful!

Guaranteed drama, expect the staff to push you for no reason while you are dacing, followed by accusations that you touch them, rudeness and good cop/ bad cop routine from the bouncers and a disgusting manager who will call you and your friends "retarded".

And your stuff?

You can forget about them until they decide to retrieve them to you or you call the police.

The bar staff are great, only positive of the place and only reason for the one star.

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AVOID, AVOID!!! I should have read these reviews before! Misogynistic manager who drags women out of the place and homophobic, rude staff. There were around 15 of us having a good time and celebrating 2 birthdays when a staff accused one of our friends of harassing him. Our friend was actually just dancing (and it was his wife's birthday, btw) and by chance touched the passing male staff (seriously, it's a Friday, place is packed and it's pretty easy to touch anyone when your table is by the corridor) - only a homophobic guy could make such a big deal of that and kick our male friend out of the place for that (during his his wife's birthday!). Several of us, including women (first time I see women being dragged out, including me, for defending a friend and "refusing to get out of the corridor") and the 2 birthday guys were dragged out of the place and not allowed to get our belongings (bags, wallets, phones, credit cards) and hopefully a friend managed to get them before the police came (yep, I had to phone them - this is stealing my stuff, hellooo). The way the staff and manager handled the situation showed how used they are to it. Disgusting. Seriously, they clearly target 30+ people, I am not a teenager who thinks it's cool to queue outside asking for a hostess approval to go to a bar. Do yourself a favour and go to another (amongst many!) nicer bars in Soho. Oh yes, keep off nearby "O Bar", owned by the same people - equally rude front door staff, apparently common courtesy of the group.


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I used to love this bar, it was one of my favourite places to go on a Saturday night. I went there for a friends birthday a couple of weeks ago and had the most unpleasant experience and treated disgustingly by the manager. I have a discount card for this bar that my friend used when we first went in to buy our first round of drinks. I went to the bar to order a second round and the man serving said that we couldn't use the card as it was a saturday night and it was only vaid mon-thu. I said that my friend had just used the card and the barman went off and returned with the manager, who was already behind the bar. He was instantly aggresive and started telling me that my friend had not used the card as it's not valid and I was to pay the prices stated in the menu or leave. I was trying to say to him that I was questioning it because my friend had used it and just wanted to know why I couldn't, he then grabbed my drinks, poured them down the sink, told me he wasn't serving me anymore and stormed off. I went back to the table my friends were at and as I was seconds into telling them what had happened the manager came over asking which of my friends had used the discount card. I pointed her out, he stormed over to her and demanded she tell him what she ordered at the bar and how much she paid (exactly the same as I had told him), he told her to give him the reciept and dissapeared with it. He was back 5 minutes later, pulled up a chair in front of me at our table (extremely close to me), held out a drinks menu and told me to look at it and make sure me and my friends knew what the prices were before we wanted to order, they are a very busy bar and have not got time to argue about drinks prices. Ironic considering he had just wasted the last 15 minutes running backwards and forwards to our table. All of my friends were completely shocked at his behaviour and agresive tone. We are not a group who go out and get ourselves into trouble, this was just a man on a powertrip who was trying to ruin our night. We all left straight after this to avoid upsetting our friend on their birthday night out. Needless to say it put a downer on the night. I have read so many other reviews of people having similar experiences with the manager and rude bar/door staff. I have been left so upset by this man's behaviour that I, and my friends who were with us this night, will never be going back again.

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We tried to get in on Saturday night at 7.15pm, when it wasnt busy and just had the most unpleasant and unprofessional experience with the Manager outside. We were a group of 40 year old women, all professional women and were looking for somewhere to have some nice cocktails and a dance all under one roof. Straight away the attitude of the door staff was terrible, asking how many of us there were, whether there were others joining later (I dont understand what that has to do with it?) I was standing to the left of the door man and the Manager was behind me, and I said to the Doorman, with all these questions, are you going to let us in or not? Straight away the Manager started being so rude to us, saying we are not getting in because he didnt like my attitude and that I was being aggressive. I said to him, mate I asked him a direct question, thats not being aggressive, thats just being direct. Then the Manager started spouting off that the policy was to not admit large parties of only women and only men, which is a complete lie, as there are a lot of reviews that contradict this. All in all, we left because I really dont want to go to a place that badly and I'm an adult who is past arguing with someone with clear delusions of grandeur in the street! We ended up going for cocktails in the Soho Hotel, who upon entering, the staff immediately accommodated up with a table and waiter service for our drinks. The owner of this bar seriously needs to get a grip with the entrance policy and needs to rethink if that is the impression they want of their bar.


Expensive and a very small, overcrowded feeling venue, but it's good fun and a bit of a novelty place to visit. The main attraction being that each of the waiters/waitresses are all professional singers, so at regular periods of the night each of them jump up onto the nearest clear-ish table top and replace the recorded voices of our favourite chart toppers. The crowd is young (20's/30's) so makes for a good dance too. Worth popping into if you are one that appreciates good live music.

Archer Street is probably my favourite bar in London. Perfectly tailored to a late 20s / early 30s female crowd (and anyone who wants to spend time with them). Thus music is a mix of fun pop and vintage classics, and the talented waiters and waitresses (many apparently performing on the West End) regularly take to the tables on both floors to belt out a hit. Fantastic for a fun night out dancing – but it is not the place for a quiet chat. Just be aware that drinks are pricey (though in line with other clubs) and it can be very difficult to get in (there are regularly long queues or entrance for members of a guest list only). Definitely worth making an effort to attend (even if it means creating a guest list in advance).

Putting one star is actually too much (but there is no other option).

I should have read the reviews beforehand. Definitely stay away from that bar !

The staff is incredibly rude. One of the staff member grabbed my arse and asked me to go outside to talk about it as he couldn't hear me.

Once I was there he said: 'I don't need to listen to you, you're not allowed in anymore'. I was the victim here, he touched me and went definitely too far.

When I told him that I didn't do anything apart from talking to my friends, he didn't care and said that I won't go in, not even to take my bag back (which I needed as my keys were inside...).

Other random accusations were made so it looks like I've done wrong things but it's exactly as the others are describing.

My friends were kicked out as well and couldn't take away the new bottle (and 1st bottle actually) that they bought and paid a lot, the staff told them very rudely to leave the bar as they're not welcome here anymore.

I am definitely going to file a report against this bar.

So stay aware from that bar, there are plenty of nicer ones with nicer staff :)


I made a booking for my birthday and I popped in a few weeks before to check it out.

I didn't find the member of staff who showed me around to be particularly enthusiastic or helpful but I went ahead with the booking. On the night itself the staff were all brilliant.

When I went back to the bar I found that the downstairs had been turned into a ski lodge instead of the festival theme I was shown so the areas were different which was disappointing. The area I was allocated was far too small for 15 people, more like 8-10.

At first I wasn't a fan, the music was very cheesy but it gave way to a good mix of rnb. I wasn't keen on the singing waitresses though. When I asked about the music during my visit I had been told that someone would sing every few songs. I had assumed it would be a professional. It was different.

Archer Street is a very expensive bar, £5.50 for bottled beer, £12.50 for cocktails, £48 for a bottle of prosecco. The bar service was very slow which was frustrating, too much singing, not enough serving!


Archer Street is the nightclub version of a Glee episode, with slightly more debauchery and a few more shots, and I say this as massive compliment.

If you fancy a bit of a different night, cooler than karaoke but still brimming with cheese, Archer Street is for you. The small yet buzzing space is filled with comfy sofas and low tables, low enough for the team of drinks staff/performers to stand on and belt out some absolute tunes. Expect Whitney Houston, Bon Jovi and top 40 hits covered by a group of super talented performers. And the best part, customers are actively encouraged to get up and shake their stuff also. Good to note, you can't join in on the singing, no matter how hard you try to grab the microphone from their hands....

Drinks prices reflect its central locations, but the friendly staff, unique singing staff and lively, fun atmosphere makes it a must for a sassy Soho night out.


I used to adore this place and spent many evenings dancing away on the tables singing along with the staff.  Unfortunately, my last experience has left a bad taste and I will not be returning.  It was a Friday evening and I was off to meet some friends who had got there earlier, I was expecting to have to queue for a bit (it was around 8pm), I arrived completely sober after a long day at work.  A man, who I assume is the manager, came out and would get groups of girls from the back of the queue and leave myself and a few groups of guys and couples waiting at the front.  This went on fro 45 minutes.  When questioned on it, he simply said that he could do what he wanted and it was up to him who he let in.  The doorman was extremely apologetic to me and the people stood around me for the manager's behaviour whenever he went away but said that there was nothing he could do.  We were all dressed appropriately and there was no drunken behaviour in the queue.  Such a shame that one person can put you off a place so much.  As someone who used to organise events and parties as Archer Street to be honest it is annoying to have to find a new place to go! Sad times....

Horrendous manager! So rude for no reason! He picked up a group of handbags that were in a neat pile next to the bar, belongin to my friends who were standing next to them, he then dropped one and refused to give them back to the girls ! Very strange behavior! He could have asked us to pick our bags up. His manner was very aggressive and rude. I've seen a lot of reviews similar to this ! Avoid this place !

Had a fantastic night here on saturday, and no signs of any of the issues pointed out below! 

The staff are all great- with regards to both bartenders and the singers.

We came in for one and stayed all night!


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Awful. Went here with my husband to meet a friend. When our friend arrived they would not let him in as they said they have a "no under 25's policy". Myself and my husband are both over 40 and could not persuade the rude door staff to let our friend in. Was glad that, as we left in disgust, our cocktails were just being delivered to the table unpaid for!! Shame !

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Rude, condescendent, obnoxious manager and door staff who will not think twice before insulting and offending you.  I have never been treated in such an aggressive manner in any place before! 

They have absolutely ruined what could have otherwise been a lovely night celebrating a birthday and minding our own business!

That same night, police was called on them! Twice! 

 A massive disappointment! To avoid at all costs!

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Manager is an idiot; similarly to other cases related here and on TripAdvisor; he verbally abused a whole group of girls, pushed some of them, threatened my friends.... for reasons yet to be understood. Of course, the whole staff (doorman & co) behave the same way, i.e one of the security guys didn't want to let me in again after going to the loo (it was my bday party, btw). There are so many similar stories, how come do the owners still employ this kind of people?

Everything happened after we closed the tab. I wonder if the main cause for all of this was to get us out of our tables and get a new group in to spend more money....

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AVOID. One of the WORST experiences I had. Treated like scum by the door staff for no reason. When tried asking politely why I am being treated like that was completely ignored! If you enjoy being humiliated before you even get in, that's your place.

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I heard some great things word of mouth of this establishment, I love the idea of table performers/bartenders the décor alone is something unique to Soho alone. Our waitress was lovely, even if we were left to our own devices for 20 minutes before being asked for our drink order but it was forgiven, it being a Saturday night and hardly much room to swing a cat. It was then our experience was short lived as I overheard what seemed to be a manager trying to explain, ever so ungracefully to a group of people that they were not allowed to enter the bar. He seemed to be taking great satisfaction out of doing this which you seem to find in a lot of young bar managers, they always have a seedy smarmy attitude that makes their heads swell up. Anyway, It was invariably obvious the reason why he was turning away these women, who also appeared to have booked in advance- as I kept being reminded, was because they did not fit into his ethos of the 'made in Chelsea socialite clientele' It is very much an establishment that favours the rich young and famous and anyone unheard of or over the age of 40, unless you have money, will be frowned upon. So I downed my cocktail, which was bland and not worth the money and headed to the nearest bar that plays music other than the cheap karaoke masqueraded as 'professional performing at its finest' Which is also laughable as I've seen most of the archer street performers at roadhouse getting hammered and pitifully singing power ballads till our ears bleed and we all want to cry on a Sunday night, it's painful to watch. AVOID.