Connect Four Speed Dating


London's array of quirky dating nights goes into overdrive on Valentine's Day, few more so than this offering at Hoxton's Breakfast Club. Yes, what could possibly be more romantic than dropping plastic discs into a grid, with the face of your potential 'The One' largely obscured by said grid.

But maybe we're just being killjoys. There is method to the weirdness; a bunch of (hopefully) single ladies stay seated at the Connect Four sets, while (hopefully) single gents move around the room, playing each lady for three minutes.

At the end of the night you can either ask The One for a rematch directly or get the organisers to do it for you, like the shy, enigmatic type you really are. It actually sounds fun, we're just annoyed because we can't think of any decent Connect Four double entendres that don't sound like they've been made up in the playground. So we'll leave the sexy suggestiveness to the aspiring lovers.


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