FILTH at the Vaults

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FILTH at the Vaults

An exclusive underground silent disco with 50 shades of difference: three awesome channels of music plus an X-rated adult channel.

It’s time to make like Shawty and get low low low low at this Time Out exclusive underground silent disco with 50 shades of difference. Created with you filthy Londoners in mind by us filthy Londoners at Time Out, this down and dirty disco at VAULT Festival beneath Waterloo features an X-rated adult channel alongside two awesome DJs, so you can strictly come dancing. Literally.


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The silent disco at the vaults is SO much fun. We stumbled on it after going to the Great Gatsby immersive theatre and I now understand why there was some rather naked ladies on stage doing some weird shit. At £9 for headphones it is well worth a visit as the after party to your weekend. A fab space and great selection of choooons make for the ultimate end to the night.


It was my first silent disco and I LOVED it! The Vaults have always been a venue that I enjoy going to, whether for a play or a party. Drinks are cheapissimi, which is always a must for me. At the silent disco, we were handed a set of headphones on which you can select between werid cheesy disco/funk playlist, electronic and pop, rock and classics channels. When we arrived, the place was empty but we couldn't care less because the music was great and got us dancing like crazy! At some point, we understood why it was called FILTH: one of the Djs started playing this soft porn novel over a beat for a good 20 mins. DO NOT take kids there!


FILTH at the Vaults has the perfect backdrop for a silent disco. You have to enter a tunnel under the Waterloo Station. Walked through the graffiti walls and you arrived at this abandon-like circus venue. The furniture, stage, and the chandelier match the theme so well. So much mystery and tells a story. Get your drinks from a horse carriage when you feel like a break. I love going to the silent disco with friends who haven't been to one yet. You get so much fun with the newcomer. 


The Vaults has the right vibe for this! Three DJs spinning great songs, fun crowd, cheap drinks! This is the place to go if you LOVE Silent Disco. Silent Disco allows you to change the music on your headphone rather than move from room to room in search of a better tune. It also lets you have a personal experience while sharing them with a like minded crowd. And guess what? You an actually have a conversation with our shouting or resorting to sign language if you feel like it.


How to make a super cool event 101:

1. Make it a silent disco (check)

2. Host under the arches of Waterloo station (check)

3. Have one channel playing XX-rated audio (umm...)

This was definitely a weird yet wonderful event. We had so much fun! The venue is amazing, and the drinks weren't too pricey which is always a plus. The DJS were awesome and there was a good crowd. Unfortunately, it didn't pack out the night I went, but we still had an amazing time. This has to be the coolest of all the silent disco venues so I would 100% recommend it :)


London nail it again with the silent disco experience. Slightly more packed and sweatier than previous silent discos at the shard or the national history museum but still a totally fun and energetic experience. Also a great chance to see the Vaults if you haven't before!


This was so much fun!!!! My first experience at a silent disco and it did not disappoint. You could tell which of the 3 music stations people were listening to by the colour that lit up on their headphones, which meant you had a quick indicator of which station was playing the best music at any particular time (judging from people's faces and dance moves). It also facilitated many spontaneous conversations and impromptu dance-offs with neighbouring listeners. The Vaults was a great venue and the drinks were very well priced (£5.50 for a double g&t, £3 for a beer). I would definitely go again!


Misty,dark and full of sweet promises. I love silent discos so I knew this would deliver! 3 stations, one pure erotica and the other two big time hits! I danced and sang so much both my feet and throat were soar the next day. Also! The drinks were incredibly cheap!!!! Wow! Totally shocked about that one... You'll have a great night here. Its guaranteed


First experience of silent disco :) got there early and it soon packed out! Took a first date and we both had so much fun. The only thing lacking was the choice of drinks but I highly recommend it. 🎉