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Queen of Hoxton

Clubs Shoreditch
3 out of 5 stars
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Time Out says

The Queen of Hoxton – pub, club and everything in between – offers an eclectic mix over two fun floors, with DJs playing on a cutting-edge disco/house tip on the weekends, while film nights, fringe theatre and food often take centre-stage during the week. Their huge rooftop is one of the funnest in London too – with an enormous wigwam set up during the winter months.



Address: 1-5
Curtain Road
Transport: Rail/Tube: Shoreditch High Street/Liverpool Street
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Users say (32)

3 out of 5 stars

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3.2 / 5

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This year's Wigwam is the best yet. marshmallows on sticks, hot cocktails, nice food and a manmade tree that you can actually climb. Super cosy and great quirky place to take a first date

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Massive disappointment!!!!!!!

1/ between 11:17 and 11:18pm price went up from £8 to £10 whilst in queue.

2/ paid 4 entrances for £40, excited to have a drink on the rooftop --> which is NOT open at night. Too bad as this is why we had come for (after reading the latest timeout recommending it specifically for the rooftop). Too bad I heard people getting out of the bar shouting "don't waste your time here" AFTER I paid the £40.

3/ tried to kindly explain to the staff at the entrance that we only came for the rooftop and thus we don't want to stay and want our money  back --> the answer I got was "you should have been more careful reading our website"

4/ stopped debating - as the money is already wasted, I tried to approach the bar where it took me ages to get drinks. Whilst in queue, a lovely smell of urine at the bar by the way.

5/ downed the drink and left because of terrible music

NOT a place I would recommend. At all.

PS: 1 star given because it is not possible to give none. Doesn't even deserve it.

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My friends and I spent NYE at Queen of Hoxton. I am surprised there aren't more positive reviews as we had a tremendous time there ! The theme was cool, lots of people played the game by coming dressed up of wearing marine outfits. The music was very eclectic and it's a great thing because everyone was able to enjoy it ! The DJs were cool, especially the Menendez Brothers whom we unwittingly ended up talking to. Being French, we were pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of people there, we got to talk to lots of people from everywhere ! They served hot dogs on the roof, from which the view is amazing !!!! It's a great place to go party, and I normally hate clubs I prefer bars - but I had a great time at Queen of Hoxton. It was reasonably crowded and the only reason why it doesn't get a % stars for me is because the baristas took ages to take our orders everytime, which was very annoying. This would be the only bad thing I wanted to point out for improvement. Other than that, I am sure on less busy nights the service is great. If you've never been, you should go and experience it yourself :-) I highly recommend it.

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I was out for a friends 23rd and it was shaping up to be a good night. Whilst getting a drink at the ground floor bar, i saw this 'DJ' madly twiddling nobs on the mixer channel which was at zero volume. Being a DJ myself i was intrigued, so i watched him for a while. The guy did not even attempt to mix. There was a track running and he literally just played with idle controls whilst dancing about like a moron. I've never seen such a pretentious display of fakery in my life. I've seen some terrible DJ's, but none as bad as this. I decided to talk to him. A few times i pointed out that he was using controls on a silent channel - no response. I then said he was a crap DJ. When he looked up, i realised it was Matt Horne (the guy from gavin and stacey). I was a little starstruck and stopped what i was doing to go tell my friends. As i pointed him out he was reeling of some trap to the bouncers about how i had assaulted him over the decks. They then grabbed me and took me out. I asked the bouncer why i'd been kicked out, i was told i 'shouldn't have pushed the DJ'. I paid £5 to get into that club and my night was over because Gavin can't accept the fact that he's a poser. The whole situation was hilarious. Seriously matt - stop kidding yourself and stick to the acting & whilst you're at it, don't ruin peoples evenings unnecessarily. Grow up. You're not a princess, and you're certainly not a DJ.


A bit of an institution in Shoreditch, with a mix of creatives and suits depending on the day of the week, and turns into a rather dark and smokey dancing nightclub the later it gets. Its crowning glory is the rooftop (open from 4 pm) which I personally prefer, especially on the weekends when the sun is out and it’s a little quieter. But then again, I’m old. Be sure to be early if you want a seat for you and your crew. They do offer burgers as well; however, I wouldn’t say they’re particularly memorable.

Tip: you have to be early in summer to nab a bench table 

Good For: rooftop, outdoor, casual drinks, catch up with friends

So a friend of mine brought me here as apparently they have a hiphop karaoke after hours in the downstairs bar!

Its a little barren down there as there wasnt much seating so its either you're dancing or standing!

The rooftop was a little nicer and I can imagine having many al fresco moments there in summer. The drinks are pretty cheap also so it won't cost you much at all spending a night here. The hip hop karaoke (costing £7) itself was very lively and crowd pleasing .. It was a good night indeed.


Climbing the four flights of stairs amongst throngs of other bar-goers insights an excitement of the renowned rooftop bar. Ironically, however, we soon experienced a swift anticlimax at the realisation that we were cornered in an overcrowded, over-priced and passive-smoke filled teepee. The sheer volume of people passing back and forth made it uncomfortable to stand anywhere and unfortunately our cocktails were fairly unpleasant too. I definitely felt like i'd fallen foul of a gimmick and couldn't wait to get on my way. May be nicer in the summer months but i'm not sure i'd rush back to check.


Definitely a place to stop by in the Summer, when the rooftop os open. It's located in a super cool area filled with bars, great restaurants and young people. I heard it even has free Ukulele classes on Tuesdays and everyone is welcome to join. In short, this is a place to lookout for if you enjoy attending quirky events, or just being in one of the most hip areas of London. Only downside is that it might be a bit overcrowded.


I visited the The Queen of Hoxton's rooftop recent to see a showing of Moonlight, by Rooftop Film Club. Overall I was disappointed by the experience, the film and the location didn't meet expectations. We were originally meant to see Moana, though was cancelled due to bad weather - understandably so as was a very wet day! But unfortunately there were not any other furutre showings available so we chose Moonlight by default which did not impress (film reviewed seperately). This paired with overpriced drinks and snacks on offer, uncomfortable chairs with very little room made me wish we'd just planned a netflix night at home when were would watch something better in more comfortable conditions

I would give it a second chance, as a bar only rather than pop up event. The decor is nice, especially the Neverland theme they have on the roof. And I might be more prepared to pay the prices if I was visting specifically for drinks rather than for primarily for cinema with a costly cider on the side.


I visited the rooftop as I was excited to see their 'Neverland' themed decorations. I was expecting to be transported to Neverland and actually I felt that I really had to look closely for the touches that contributed towards the Neverland theme. There were some around but overall I wouldn't say it was particularly special, there was a large area cordoned off for a private party who were equipped with props but this did mean that the rest of the seating area was very limited. The mermaid cocktail whilst pretty, was incredibly watered down, I couldn't taste any alcohol at all and I was served by a really friendly member of staff at the bar but the others were not so friendly!

I appreciate this is just a Summer thing for Queen of Hoxton's rooftop terrace but as someone who loves gimmicks and themes, overall I was pretty disappointed. 


I haven't been back to this place in a while, but my experience there was fantastic. I went to participate in Gospeloke (check it out, it's amazing) in the basement and as my friends and I arrived early, we thought we'd go and check out the rooftop. WELL. I am so glad we did. At the time, it was done up like a woodland wonderland of sorts, with a big teepee in the middle and lots of foliage and twinkly lights. Magical. My friends grabbed some food - hot dogs or burgers, I think, which they seemed very pleased with, and a few gin and tonics. We very much enjoyed that, and when we went downstairs, we were not disappointed either! The bar service was very quick - and when it wasn't, we jumped upstairs to the main floor and were served quickly. Cool space, super easy to get to, and lots of great events coming and going.


The rooftop is clearly a massive selling point but despite it being quirky and very well lit, it doesn't have much in the way of a view - unless you count watching people work late in the surrounding office blocks. The inside is a little rough around the edges and reminds me of a student union, with the bathrooms, glassware and decor to match


I know there are mixed reviews for this venue, but my experience is purely based on the rooftop. The first time we went, we had to wait in the queue for a while, but my latest visit cemented my love for this rooftop garden in the middle of the concrete jungle on Liverpool Street. I love the eclectic mix of music that appeals to all genre-lovers, yes you do have to queue for a drink but the staff is really nice. To top it all off, last time we went, they had a free silent disco event that was cherry on top of already very scrumptious cake. 


The rooftop is what I'm basing this review on.

Inside the bar has dark walls and sticky floors - reminiscent of nightclubs in visited as a student. On a sunny evening the roof terrace is exactly what you need. There are so few spots in the city to actually enjoy the sunshine so obviously it's rammed. Get there early for a seat and stock up on bottles of prosecco at the downstairs bar on your way up. Thanks to this I didn't have to move all night so can't comment on the cocktails or food but missed the queues. There seemed to be a lot of queuing going on so I'm happy with that.

They also do lots of events here so worth checking out their site for current listings so you can time you visit well.


FEMALES, I WAS TREATED LIKE DIRT. And I would not normally write a review unless there was a serious issue. So, I was on the rooftop bar with my family. Whilst on the rooftop, I didn't see a toilet, so I went downstairs to the toilet. Afterwards, I went to the stairs to go back upstairs to the rooftop where my family was waiting with my drink. I was stopped by the bouncer, after explaining that I had just come downstairs to use the loo, accused of being aggressive, and dragged outside. I was told to "take 30 minutes" to calm down. Never, in my life, have I been accused of being aggressive or violent. Honestly, it was laughable. And the fact I found it so ridiculous seemed to make the door staff all the more aggressive. I called my step-mum. She again tried to tell the bouncer (blonde, white male, didn't catch his name but I assume he was the "main door man") that I have never been accused of being aggressive. He told her there were cameras on her and she had better leave as she was causing disruption to the other customers. We were also, paying customers, having already bought drinks. Aside from that, bartenders are slow and inefficient. The bartender that served us on the roof had little to no customer service. And this comes from somebody who has worked in a busy central London bar. A minimal effort (at the very least) would have been appreciated. GIRLS, if you want to be treated nicely, DO NOT GO.

I honestly think that the best thing about Queen of Hoxton is its rooftop space. It's a pretty vast building with its other floors playing anything from rnb to house music until the small hours. It's good fun but not much different to other venues. 

Head to the roof however and it's a whole different story. During the winter months you emerge into a giant tepee complete with open fire bowl where an eclectic array of meats are roasting (think wild boar to venison steaks). Head out of there and you are greeted with several outdoor tables surrounding fires that you tend yourselves, complete with marshmallows to roast and an excellent view over the city. 

Summer brings a festival vibe, waving goodbye to the mulled ciders of the winter with pop up bars serving fresh cocktails and colourful flowers drape from the walls. 

A great place no matter what the time of year!


Friends birthday party was here. I really liked it. Good music and what felt like a million different floors. But the top floor had a roof bar with Viking themed drinks, open fires and a giant tent. Typical London drink prices, but a bit small and not very exciting. Has arcade games and a photo booth.


A great venue really let down by awful door staff.

Came here for leaving drinks with my friends as one was leaving London indefinitely and stomped up the (what must be 100 steps) to the rooftop. The rooftop is great if not very overcrowded and has great views of London. 

Unfortunately the drinks are overpriced and beer lines are clearly not cleaned enough as my beer was sour and flat, the wine was pretty awful as well.

Could see past most the failings until the incredibly rude doorstaff decided to act 'the big man' in front of a group of young underdressed girls.

Direct quote from the doorman: 'Don't try to have fun' as I made a joke to my partner as I left. 

Have been before and had a terrible experience with doorstaff in the past. Will have to be really desperate for a night out before I head here again.


Love love love this place! It's the perfect summer pick for a night out with friends! I recently came on a weeknight for the rooftop cinema club and had a great experience. The staff were lovely and the rooftop itself was the perfect location to watch the sunset over London. The drinks are even reasonably priced. I have been here a few times now and it has never failed to disappoint!


This is the place I always go to for my birthday party, which is in June. There's a big rooftop bar which is perfect on Summer days. Staff is nice and you can also have nice barbecue food. The only problem is that they don't take reservations for the rooftop so you'll have to go early if you want to have a table!

Even when it's cold this place is still great! It's very big, arranged over three floors, and they have cool music to dance to. They also organise a lot of great events, every weekend and sometimes during the week too, such as the cinema club. I strongly suggest to check their website before you head there so you can see what's on.

It's centrally located, close to Liverpool Street Station, and it's in Shoreditch, perfect if at some point you get bored and decide to go and have a dance elsewhere.

Overall a great, big pub in East London.


I absolutely love Queen of Hoxton, I was reading some of the reviews and I am so surprised by what people are saying since I've always had a good time here and when I recommend it my friends also enjoy it. I prefer to go in the late afternoon rather than in the evening cause it's not as crowded and you can go by the fire on the rooftop. I find that the music is good and the people who go are usually very friendly. 


You have to come here before the wigwam goes for Summer! Queen of Hoxton have erected it on their roof top bar along with a wood burning stove, comfy seating and then an outside area with fairy ring seats around fires topped off with a view over the city! The bar upstairs has its own cocktail menu which at the moment is serving warm cocktails (hot toddies etc). As well we this they are serving a few hot snacks which all sound good. I can recommend the hot toddy - the perfect balance of sweet and spicy with a good hit of whisky. You are also able to take the drinks downstairs after if you get cold or it gets too busy! I went on an early week night at 6.30pm and it wasn't busy at all so would definitely recommend if you are socialising at the beginning of the week. I have heard it gets a bit rammed later in the week. The downstairs main bar is OK with all the standard drinks available but a little dark and dingy. However every Monday they hold a Ukulele night where anyone is welcome to join, borrow a ukulele and join in the singing/strumming (honestly no musical background required but be-warned your fingers may hurt the next day). They also hold other evenings like a monthly ping pongathon. Recommend for roof top bars and quirky events!


The Queen of Hoxton is a really interesting venue. Playing an eclectic mix of dance/indie/soul music, there is sure to be something for everyone. The food isn't much to write home about and the whole downstairs area is far from exciting but the rooftop is where the magic happens! Stunning views and an amazing atmosphere greets you. It feels romantic and cosy, especially in the 2015 winter wigwam where you can toast your own marshmallows and drink mulled wine. Love the rooftop cinema here too. Perfect for a fun night out or a date, although a little expensive.


Go here if you like:

- '70s soul and disco music

- imaginative cocktails that are reasonably priced

- crowds of young people (I'm not going to use the word that starts with h and rhymes with 'blipster')

- open fires

- a magical wigwam setting, complete with a climbable wooden structure leading to a perfect canoodling spot for two

- table tennis

Don't go here if you like:

- quiet, sparsely populated bars (unless you get there before about 6 or so)

- minimal walking, as there are lots of stairs to get to abovementioned magical wigwam

- lots of food and drink options

- luxurious toilets


The Queen of Hoxton is a gem not too far from Liverpool Street and Shoreditch High St stations. The downstairs isn't much to write home about (although can be quite fun on a Friday and Saturday night) but the upstairs is amazing - if you can handle the 200 steps to get up there (ok, I'm exaggerating here). The rooftop of this place is the real selling point - it's absolutely lovely and the burger van up there is great too. They often host events up there and my old company hired the roof for one night too - very fun. 


After climbing what seemed to be a million stars, we finally emerged into Queen of Hoxton's rooftop wigwam- and oh my what a treat for the eyes! Cute little tables dotted with flickering lamps, toad stalls, tree stumps, fairy lights and an amazing mighty oak in the centre of the wigwam, on top of which lies a secret treehouse. However, despite the initial excitement, we realised we couldn't dine or drink in this delightful place as every seat was full- this place is popular and unfortunately you cannot book.

We sat outside instead where more fairy lights and tree stumps were joined by crackling open fires. As we could no longer have dinner, we opted instead for drinks and had the hot gingerbread and apple toddy. They were deliciously warm and comforting, with the mix of apple, rum and ginger going down a treat.

The whole look and feel of the place was nice and I love the Grimm's fairytale inspired decor, but all that was wasted when you can't even sit inside the actual wigwam. Yes it's a novelty toasting marshmallows on the fire but the smoke does become a little overbearing and the smell does get all over you. If you can, I recommend you get here earlier in the day to beat the rush of the workers descending for an after work treat.


Looking for some electric down and dirty fun? This one’s for you! Queen of Hoxton are always offering fun nights. Whether it’s crafting, watching a rooftop film, or just straight dancing they’ve got it on. The drink selection leaves a lot to be desired but the atmosphere is spot on. The popping tunes and flashing lights will have you dancing in no time! Give it a go if you’re after a bustling club night.


I had booked a table to celebrate my birthday here. I waited two hrs for my guests to arrive. Sad and disappointed, I got my things and decided to leave. Once outside, I found out all my guests have been told that I haven't arrived yet and turned away. It may have been an honest mistake, but nobody even contacted me to apologise for a ruined night. It will take a lot to bring me back there again...


I've been here a couple of times. On a regular night out it isn't that great, but for the Open Air Cinema in summer its great, and Cat Face was really good here. It really depends on the DJ they have. I think the Saturday night crowd here is a little busy with Essex boys, and the Friday is filled with bankers trying to be cool. So be weary and expect those crowds. If you don't mind that, grab some friends and hang out. The venue is cool, and the photobooth is fun.

Staff Writer

It is not the greatest venue ever, neither the music or the staff (specially security), but the rooftop is great and the atmosphere as well.

It's a nice venue. The one major issue is the stairs!! To get up to the roof, you need to be fit. My steel drum band covered a company party at this venue and we enjoyed it. With some further tweaks, the roof terrace could be more interesting, but overall, the staff were helpful and polite which makes a lot of difference to the whole experience. 

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