Soundcrash and Planet Mu present Venetian Snares + Boxcutter

Soundcrash and Planet Mu present Venetian Snares + Boxcutter
Image: Adam Michaud

Dalston venue The Laundry is the perfect place to host a night of intense electronic music from breakcore behemoth Venetian Snares and production ace Ital Tek. Why? Because the tunes are going to be absolutely filthy. Hosted by party pros Soundcrash and hyper-progressive record label Planet Mu, you can expect a brilliantly skewed blend of techno, jungle, electronica, D&B and god knows what else from Venetian Snares (real name: Aaron Funk), a deep dive into glitched post-dubstep experimentation and general awesome techno trips from Boxcutter and further heady brilliace from The Doubtful Guest and Chevron. Further eclectic sounds are supplied by DJs from Planet Mu, the glue that binds these twisted geniuses together. It'll be heavy, it'll be nasty, it'll be immense, it'll be dirty. Those poor washing machines in The Laundry don't stand a chance.


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