The Service


The organisers of this new event are calling it a 'conscious party', meaning that it's an alcohol and drug-free affair – a sobre rave, if you will – so that the crowd can enjoy themselves and dance to high quality, underground tunes without getting smashed.

Music-wise, The Service will be an eclectic party, loosely themed around Chicago house, deep house, techno and minimal sounds. The event is open to all and the organisers are striving for a friendly, inclusive vibe that's strictly sobre but still hugely fun. As such, it'll likely be a breath of fresh air for a lot of clubbers. As an added atmospheric bonus, it takes place in the beautiful St Peter's Church in Vauxhall, but remember to get there nice and early – the Service runs from 7pm-10pm, so don't rock up at 9.55pm expecting an all nighter.