Camden Fringe: Pen – A Show That was Written Entirely by People with Pens

Comedy, Stand-up
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Jokes from Sean Bennett, Garrie Grubb and Liam Sullivan, who don't use any of these new-fangled word-processing unit to write their jokes.

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Toby P
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This is a brilliant show, and well worth going to see. I'm fortunate to based in Essex where these three comedians frequently perform. They never disappoint individually, but together their styles complement each other perfectly to give the show something even more on top.

Liam Sullivan has a very weird take on reality, which can be quite surreal at times, but while this can sometimes be a risky strategy for a comedian, it always works in the hands of Liam, and the audience are invariably won over.

Garrie Grubb delivers his one-liners in a hilariously deadpan manner, and they always hit the mark. It was this skill that won him the Chelmsford Comedian of the Year competition, despite some excellent competition from the other comedians. I don't think the other two will mind me saying that he also has the best name. Garrie Grubb.

Sean Bennett is able to put the audience at ease as soon as he steps up to the microphone with his confident manner. The confidence the audience places in him is then rewarded with his hilarious jokes and stories about everyday life.

Put them all together and you have Pen. You might think you can just buy a pen from a shop, but it won't be as funny.

James S
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"Pen" brings together three comedians with very different styles, but it hangs together very, very well. 

Sean Bennett is a charming, personable presence and guides us through everyday occurrences with a sideways slant, a mixture of joke telling and anecdotes that meld nicely.

Liam Sullivan's warped realities are childishly delightful. Expect obsessions with Dane Bowers, boxing post-office workers and sticking a playful middle finger up at society.

Garrie Grubb knows how to tell a joke. Always deadpan, excellent timing and unexpected punchlines. 

It's difficult not to be carried away with the shared enthusiasm of Pen, a worthy hour's escape from general daily drudgery.

Oliver Pereira

I was fortunate enough to see a preview of this show and have also seen all three performers - Sean Bennett, Garrie Grubb, and Liam Sullivan - perform individually in various venues in Essex. They are all excellent in their own right, so seeing them all together is just even more excellent on top of that.

The first time I saw Sean Bennett, he did a very funny joke about omelettes. I don't think the joke is in the show, but you can go along and hope that it is. If it isn't, you can just sit there imagining him telling an excellent joke about omelettes, and then you can chuckle away to yourself. Don't mind the odd looks from the other members of the audience as you do this. That's just them being weird. Ignore them.

As the other reviewers have pointed out, Garrie Grubb delivers brilliant one-liners and does so in what can only be described - clearly - as a deadpan manner. I believe that it was the Bellman in "The Hunting of the Snark" who said, "What I tell you three times is true." He could just as well have said, "What appears in three independently written Time Out reviews is true." That's not as poetic, though, is it?

Do you remember '90s boyband member Dane Bowers? Liam Sullivan does. He will tell you things about '90s boyband member Dane Bowers that will make your toes curl. Or that will make you laugh. One or the other. Maybe both? Go and see for yourself. It's really, really good.

One day, these people will all be more famous than Michael McIntyre. You may already have forgotten who Michael McIntyre is. But you'll remember the name when these people become famous. You will think to yourself, "Yes, these people *are* more famous than Michael McIntyre." And yet you still won't remember who Michael McIntyre is. This will bother you more than it should, and you will end up blurting out, "But who *was* Michael McIntyre?" and again, you will get some odd looks. But that doesn't matter. Just relax and enjoy the comedy.