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From ‘Teenage Wildlife’, 19801/5
Of course you don’t! Who does? I like that in this song you’ve created a little conversation halfway through. It sounds like you’re just brushing someone off when they’ve asked an annoying question… about hallways.  
From ‘Rebel Rebel’, 19742/5
I figure that some words may have had different meanings in the ’70s, but maybe not. Couples do have odd nicknames for each other but, ‘hot tramp’? That’s just ace! How do you make that sound cool?  
From ‘Breaking Glass’, 19773/5
This is an amazing lyric. During this time in his life Bowie was experiencing some ‘not fun stuff’ and it’s incredible that he produced such incredible music.  
From ‘Let's Dance’, 19834/5
David, this is a wonderful image, but it’s the way that you sing it with such passion that I enjoy. In my head I’m imagining some really frowny moonlight, the type of moonlight that hates parties and wears Crocs.  
From ‘The Laughing Gnome' 19675/5
Amazing. There are far too many to choose from here. I once went to see a Bowie tribute band and they asked for requests. Loads of us were shouting ‘The Laughing Gnome’, but they refused to play it. It was clearly a scenario they entered on a regular basis.  

David Bowie’s funniest lyrics

Ahead of Bowie Fest, celebrate the glam rock enigma’s most ridiculous lines

By Adam Larter

Firstly, David Bowie, if you’re reading this, I must tell you that I am a massive fan. Secondly, really sorry for all of the copyright infringement with Bowie Fest, but it was done with the best comedic intentions, I promise!

It seems the V&A has missed out something quite spectacular in its exhibition of your life. Yes, you are an amazing musician, actor, fashion icon and cultural symbol. But to myself, and the rest of the alternative comedy world, you are a symbol of purist absurdism.

With the help of the good people of Time Out, I have been given an opportunity to showcase your five silliest lyrics. To be honest, I could have picked any number of them. I love your surrealism, the strange metaphors and odd imagery. But, above all else, I really like it when things just sound a bit silly.

So, here they are; all wonderful lyrics in a way, but in another light they’re super silly.

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