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  1. © Rob Greig
    © Rob Greig

    Masud Milas

    Who is he? A 27-year-old, half-Kenyan, half-English comic, born in Hong Kong.
    Most memorable heckle ‘Someone once made monkey noises and faces at me. That was pretty memorable. And racist. It was pretty racist too.’
    Worst job ‘I was a pizza delivery guy, which at first sounded like fun, but it’s not. It’s really not.’
    ‘I want to take my comedy…’ ‘As far as it takes to get me on “The Apprentice: You’re Fired”.’
    First gig ‘At my high school talent show. I was about 16 years old. My God it was terrible, but at the time I thought it was great.’
    What makes you laugh? ‘Really dumb things. I read the words “Francis the Talking Mule” in a book recently and lost my shit.’

  2. © Rob Greig
    © Rob Greig

    Evelyn Mok

    Who is she? A 26-year-old stand-up from ‘the herring-eating, flat-pack-furniture-loving socialist haven that is Sweden’.
    What makes you laugh? ‘Andy Kaufman. And my friend’s cat, Fishy.’
    Describe your act in three words ‘After a self-conducted survey on Facebook I found that my comedic stylings can be described as “racially insightful”, “female” and “bearable”.’
    First gig ‘In a competition in Stockholm in 2008. I remember everything like it was yesterday. Except for what happened on stage. That is a total blackout.’
    Worst job ‘Unemployment. Because looking for employment turns out to be a full-time job in itself and the amount of rejections are far more devastating for the soul.’
    Most memorable heckle ‘It’s actually on YouTube. Just search “Evelyn Mok gets heckled” and you can witness the “incident”.’

  3. © Rob Greig
    © Rob Greig

    Phil Jerrod

    Who is he? Jerrod’s in his ‘late twenties. Very late. Born in London, but raised on the brutal streets of rural Warwickshire.’
    First gig ‘Underneath an Angus Steakhouse, Brighton, 2012. Medium rare.’
    Most memorable heckle ‘Hecklers operate on a strictly say-what-you-see basis, so I get beard comments. Many, many beard comments. Although a helpful young lady did once notice I was fat.’
    Describe your act in three words ‘Stream-of-consciousness.’
    What makes you laugh? ‘Adam Buxton, in a Victorian swimming costume, dodging limpet mines. Only, and specifically, that.’
    ‘I want to take my comedy…’ ‘…to Hassocks.’

  4. © Rob Greig
    © Rob Greig

    Sarah Callaghan

    Who is she? An Uxbridge-born 22-year-old.
    First gig ‘It was in a pub in Aldgate. I played to silence from an entirely Spanish crowd.’
    What made you take up stand-up? ‘No idea. I was 18 and needed a conversation starter.’
    What makes you laugh? ‘Impressions.’
    Describe your act in three words ‘Real fresh talk.’
    Worst job ‘Delivering Chinese food in a banged up Ford Fiesta wasn’t exactly the highlight my of life.’

  5. © Rob Greig
    © Rob Greig

    Twayna Mayne

    Who is she? It’s pronounced ‘Twah-na’, ‘like “iguana” or “piranha.”’ 40 years old, from London.
    First gig ‘April 2010, at the conclusion of a stand-up course. It went well, there was laughter in the right places. Alcohol was involved.’
    What made you take up stand-up? ‘There were no spaces left on the “Writing Comedy for Television and Radio” course, this is all a fluke.’
    Most memorable heckle ‘Someone shouted “cunt” – sorry mum – after I mentioned Barack Obama.’
    Describe your act in three words ‘Low-key, deadpan, absurd.’
    What makes you laugh? ‘“Blazing Saddles”, Eddie Murphy (especially in “Trading Places”), “The King of Comedy”.’

  6. © Rob Greig
    © Rob Greig

    Jonny Pelham

    Who is he? A 22-year-old Bradfordian.
    Most memorable heckle ‘My dad once rang me when I was on stage. He knew I was nervous about the gig so was ringing to ask how it went.’
    First gig ‘At my students’ union in front of seven people, all of whom were other acts. It was not good.’
    Worst job ‘I was part of the recycling team at T in the Park festival which involved wandering around asking drunk Scottish people if they were finished with the thing that they were holding. Sometimes, it turned out, they weren’t finished with it and would get strangely angry at the suggestion that they were.’
    ‘I want to take my comedy…’ ‘Don’t know. Somewhere good.’
    Describe your act in three words ‘Self-deprecating rubbish.’

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