The Right Stuff

Film, Action and adventure
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From the opening moments it is clear that we have the nearest modern equivalent to a Western: men of quiet virtue going skyward, leaving the tawdry world of log-rolling politicians behind. John Ford might have made it, and director Kaufman matches up to the master of this kind of poetic hero worship. Beginning with Chuck Yeager's breaking of the sound barrier in the late '40s, he uses the great test pilot as a counterpoint to the training and eventual missions of the seven astronauts chosen for America's first space programme. Kaufman (like Tom Wolfe, whose book The Right Stuff this is taken from) is well enough aware of the media circus surrounding the whole project, but still celebrates his magnificent seven's heroism with a rhetoric that is respectful and irresistible. CPea.

By: CPea

Release details

Duration: 193 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Philip Kaufman
Screenwriter: Philip Kaufman
Cast: Sam Shepard
Scott Glenn
Ed Harris
Dennis Quaid
Fred Ward
Barbara Hershey
Kim Stanley
Veronica Cartwright
Pamela Reed
Scott Paulin
Mary Jo Deschanel
Levon Helm
Scott Wilson
Jeff Goldblum
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