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Ice-creams and ice lollies ranked worst to best

The final word on mass-produced chilly treats

Written by
David Clack

If you hear some creepy carnival music ringing through the streets this weekend, don’t panic – it’s just your friendly neighbourhood ice-cream man, back from a winter spent hibernating in a nest of stale hot dog buns and Magnum wrappers.

Yes, ice-cream season is back. But what should you order? We’re glad you asked.

We know there are other brands, but we’re sticking with the big three – Wall’s, Nestlé and Mars – partly because they’re the ones you’re most likely to encounter but mostly because we haven’t got all bloody day here. If we’ve missed anything, it’s because you had it on holiday and they don’t do it in the UK, or we simply missed it because we’re too damn heat-crazed to think straight. So without further ado…

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Funny Feet

25. Funny Feet

There’s nothing funny about feet, and chomping on one of these is a bit too close to sucking on a corpse’s toes.
Mivvi Divinely Creamy

24. Mivvi Divinely Creamy

Basically a poor man’s Solero. Has anyone actually ever ordered one of these? Let’s move on.

23. Zoom

Generic fruity ice on a stick. Doesn’t even really look like a spaceship. Buy some moulds and make your own boozy version instead.
Haribo Push Up

22. Haribo Push Up

A madman’s vision of gummy sweets combined with ice-cream. Tastes of disappointment.
KitKat Ice Cream

21. KitKat Ice Cream

The ultimate tea-time cuppa companion as a Cornetto-apeing summer snack? Simply doesn’t work. The top bit is also a bit upsetting if stared at for too long.
Nobbly Bobbly

20. Nobbly Bobbly

Bearing a striking resemblance to the top third of a Fab, this sprinkle-covered dude is a triumph of style over substance. It also looks as though it’s capable of giving you a filling at 30 paces.
Mini Milk

19. Mini Milk

Great when you’re five, but in adulthood these sticks of frozen cow juice should only be considered as a starter to something more substantial. Like six pints of strong ale.
Galaxy Vanilla

18. Galaxy Vanilla

Galaxy chocolate has been applied to all manner of warm weather snacks over the years, none of which have really blown anyone’s flip-flops off. This posh choc-ice doesn’t fare much better.

17. Ribena

As close as you can get to a Calippo without the lawyers getting involved, this soft drink spin-off fails through lack of invention.
M&M's Ice Cream

16. M&M's Ice Cream

It’s not the most baffling thing the M&M’s brand has attached its name to (that’ll be buried somewhere in the Leicester Square megastore), but there’s no denying that non-bar chocolates don’t translate well into ice-cream.
Smarties Pop up

15. Smarties Pop up

See previous slide.

14. Fab

It’s as much a symbol of your childhood as yet-to-be-outed paedophiles, but behind all the nostalgia and stupid sprinkle thingies, there’s no escaping the fact that this is a woefully average ice-lolly.
Maltesers Ice Cream

13. Maltesers Ice Cream

The product dev team tried gallantly to transform a pellet-based snack into something you could eat off a stick. They nearly pulled it off, too, until they moulded it into the shape of a big poo.
Twix Ice Cream

12. Twix Ice Cream

The best thing about a Twix is that you get two of them. With its frosty cousin, you get literally 50 percent less than that. Unless you buy two, which, in the interests of not being fat and poor, we wouldn’t advise.

11. Calippo

Essentially a middle-class version of the ice poles you used to pick up from the corner shop for 10p each, the Calippo is more refreshing than a bag of frozen mince down the pants.
Bounty Ice Cream

10. Bounty Ice Cream

A huge improvement on the regular, room-temperature Bounty on the grounds that coconut ice-cream is delicious, while shredded newspaper mixed with ladies’ shampoo isn’t. Your mum probably loves these.
Fruit Pastilles Lolly

9. Fruit Pastilles Lolly

Impossible to eat without feeling slightly like you’re auditioning for a really weird porno. The different fruity flavours are surprisingly distinct, though.

8. Feast

More chocolate than ice-cream, making it perfect for days when you can’t decide whether it’s actually hot or not. Popular up north.
Mars Ice Cream

7. Mars Ice Cream

While other sub-zero renditions of popular chocolate bars bear little resemblance to their source material, there’s no chance of confusion here. Either that or our ice-cream man is fobbing us off with frozen Mars bars.

6. Solero

A natty combination of ice-cream and sorbet that’ll fall off the stick unless you see it off in less than two minutes. Luckily, since it’s so tangy and tasty, few last more than 20 seconds.
Snickers Ice Cream

5. Snickers Ice Cream

A calorific beast, but there’s no denying the texture of crunchy nuts against smooth ice-cream and crumbly chocolate. Great before a run along the beach – something we’ve literally never done.

4. Magnum

An ice-cream so ridiculously sexy you’re in serious danger of having an orgasm before you’ve even wrestled the wrapper off. Also comes in around 400 different positions – sorry, flavours.

3. Maxibon

A hybrid of the classic British choc-ice and that quintessential American breakfast staple, the ice-cream sandwich. No points for originality, then, but the cookie to chocolate to ice-cream ratio is bang on. Plus it’s called the same thing in Spanish, so that’s half your holiday vocabulary taken care of.

2. Twister

Not only is this both ice-cream AND ice-lolly, it also has the bonus of looking hilariously like a dog’s cock when you get near the end.

1. Cornetto

Despite the oft-warbled song from the famous advert, this summertime stalwart is about as Italian as a tin of spaghetti hoops. Still, that’s beside the point – from the mint topping (or strawberry or nut, but always mint), down to the little chocolate bit at the end of the cone, the Cornetto is the one true king of the ice-cream world.

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