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The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History

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Time Out says

Situated between Vyner Street and the Andrews Road gallery enclave, this Mare Street curiosity shop is both on the art circuit and determinedly off any beaten track. Peek through the windows and you’ll see a world in which velvet-cloaked Victorians, or perhaps The Mighty Boosh, might reside. Entering the shop, which is also the spiritual home of the esoterically minded Last Tuesday Society, reveals a wunderkammer of shells, skulls, taxidermy specimens and assorted oddities. Art gets a designated space in the first-floor gallery but, unsurprisingly, shows tend towards the eerily surreal.



Address: 11 Mare St
E8 4RP
Transport: Tube: Bethnal Green
Price: Prices vary
Opening hours: Tue 3pm-11pm, Wed-Sat 12pm-11pm, Sun 12pm-10.30pm
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Users say (28)

4 out of 5 stars

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The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities is one of the most peculiar museums in London. Discover shrunken heads, animal taxidermy, skulls, erotica objects & creepy looking dolls, all hidden in the basement of a bar.


Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities is certainly peculiar and as it states on the front door this isn’t a place for the easily offended but it’s a must and one of those hidden finds within London that you simply should visit. Warning this could be considered a total nightmare and shocking to some people, aptly located on Mare Street. Cost is £6 per person and £1 for a guide of the exhibits. The museum is pretty small down some winding steps within the basement and can only accommodate 12 people at a time. It’s jammed full of crazy and unusual items ranging from shrunken heads, lots of taxidermy including a dressed up lioness, goat and panther sitting at a table, skulls, even his stuffed pet hedgehog make an appearance. You easily spend a lot of time here just browsing through all the chaotic disturbing displays which also feature a huge life sized cake of Pamela Anderson, a box of Russell Brands pubes and poo in a jar from Amy Winehouse and Kylie Minogue, I really kid you not! Expect lots of phallic objects and erotica ranging from books to pictures and statues. He is definitely a fan of erotic novels and art of which there is definitely a running theme here. There is also a small cafe and bar upstairs, The Last Tuesday Society which is adorned with various animal busts and skeletons. There are lots of events running here including tours and activities plus every weekday between 6-7pm there is absinthe hour! and on Thursdays there is reduced price entry too at £2.50. 

I don't consider myself weak or squeamish but this place freaked me out good.

You either love it or hate it - that much is clear from previous reviews. If you like freaky, erotic, disturbing and macabre, than you'll probably enjoy the museum. There's a dark feeling creeping over you as you browse anything from dead animals through photographs, books, tissues, DNA samples, insects, Satanic artefacts and much more. 

It's curated, that much is clear - there's a pattern, a theme, and if you leave feeling a bit shaken, clearly it works well. I wouldn't return for anything, but if I've ever come close to believing in dark magic, it was on my visit to Viktor Wnyd's for sure.

It sucks. Paying £5 for this is ridiculous! It literally displays disgusting items such as dead skulls and trash that is worthless. Do not recommend. Go to a proper museum.


I had high expectation before visiting the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities as I thought it would have been a curious and interesting museum to visit. However, this “display of curiosities” in the centre of Hackney didn’t live up to my expectations. It’s a random and macabre display of taxidermy, creepy-looking dolls, skulls, erotic books, skeletons, mummies, celebrity poo and little more. All in all, it will take you maximum 10 minutes to visit this “museum” at the cost of £5, which the collection is perhaps not even so worthy of. Lastly, upon entrance you’re given a tiny guidebook, but no trace of the free tea which is advertised in bold on the website. 

This place is rubbish. Along with "celebrity poo" which Joanne (fellow reviewer) seems to be disturbingly impressed by, you'll probably find the emporer's new clothes. Pokey, amateurishly executed, dimly lit 5th form boy's school project, it mixes 17th century freak show exhibits and puerility with insultingly badly constructed cardboard models that don't light up when the proffered button is pressed. No offer of the 'free' tea on entry advertised on the website but the hapless visitor is presented with a guide in booklet form in which there are vouchers entitling the bearer a cheaper visit next time; there won't be 'next time'.


This shop is a must to visit if you love all things odd, weird and totally wacky. Ground floor has a bar area and some stuffed taxidermy animals with some being a bit odd like a cat with wings. From the bar area you can order cocktails and food with some being very bizarre from chocolate worms to cockroaches. Downstairs this place makes me get even more curious with yet even more wackier and stranger with taxidermy frogs playing cards, a gold skull hippo head, Russel Brands pubes, Kylie Minogues pooh, little people made out of dust, creepy looking dolls, etc. in every nook and cranny there was something very unusual to discover.

Certain dates throughout the year they do art classes, talks etc. plus they also have Tim from a petting zoo that comes down to show off his snakes, spiders, cockroaches, lizards, etc.  I fell in love with Professor Green one of his snakes. The snake was so beautiful and had such a lovely loving manner I can’t explain why but it really did.  I will most certainly be going back to see Professor Green.

Highly recommend to anyone that wants to see a vast array of curiosities and concur any fears you might have over spiders and snakes and other creepy crawlies.


Wonderbar upon wonderbar, if willy wonka did taxidermy and curiosities it would look a little something like this place. Before the cocktails even start flowing you feel a little tipsy from the over stimulation surrounding you. Each display feels like a mini treasure hunt mixed with the best possible cash in the attic. I see something different every time I visit and although I nearly always end up with a gin hangover I know the lure of the gold hippo head will always call me back like the glittering siren it is. 


I am sure the only place in the world where one can sip on a cocktail, sat next to a top hat-donning taxidermy lioness whilst trying to control an over active boa constrictor called Delilah. The Viktor Wynd's Museum of Curiosities and adjoining Last Tuesday Society cocktail bar, have given me faith that my days as a London-dwelling-London-tourist are not yet over!

Viktor Wynd's Museum of Curiosities is technically in the basement below The Last Tuesday Society, but its curious collection has managed to overflow into the bar to create a warm welcome of taxidermy, fine art, skeletons and other weird and wonderful pieces as you open the door. The Museum itself is £5 to enter but whilst it is small, I guarantee that the collection is worth it. Grab yourself one of the bars delectable ~£9 cocktails and, with drink in hand, you are ready to descend the spiral staircase into the curious world of Viktor Wynd.

I was lucky enough to visit during one of their monthly reptile petting zoo weekends, so before I had even taken in any of my surroundings, I was being introduced to the animal friends, or one in partilcular - a very docile and amicable chameleon called Frisky. So, with now drink in hand and chameleon fastened to my chest, I was ready. Or was I?

From gold plated hippo skulls, to mummified penises, to shrunken heads, to jarred celebrity poo to a sarcophagus-centered cocktail table, this place has it all. 

Without question this place is worth a visit.


Insanely cool place. Viktor Wynd's cabinet of curiosities is the only modern-day collection in London that I know of that harks back to the age of Victorian curios - and it's utterly bizarre, with items ranging from shrunken heads to a gold-plated hippo skull once owned by Pablo Escobar. So much stuff is crammed into the museum that it takes several visits to absorb it all. 

I highly recommend taking the museum tour led by Viktor Wynd himself - he's quite a character and you get a gin and tonic included in the price. Also great fun is the menagerie in the museum, a petting zoo that’s unlike any petting zoo you’ve experienced before, featuring a chameleon, python, tarantula and even a scorpion.

There's nowhere quite like it. They run a host of really interesting events and there's often a free gin thrown in for good measure.

A truly amazing place to visit, the museum is the most interesting, unusual, bizarre, fascinating place in London. The cocktail bar is fab with wonderful creations and very special atmosphere, really highly recommended.

The only venue in London where you can drink amazing cocktails and walk around a Museum of Curiousities whilst holding a Frog, Snake or Lizard

an old aunt's attic meets a wunderkammer meets a dive bar. can't help loving the place. sip tolerable cocktails, look at curious (or plainly incredible) items on display, and listen to the conversations sparked by the most outrageous items. my idea of a museum: the one you can visit while drinking your pint.

an old aunt's attic meets a wunderkammer meets a dive bar. can't help loving the place. sip tolerable cocktails, look at curious (or plainly incredible) items on display, and listen to the conversations sparked by the most outrageous items. my idea of a museum: the one you can visit while drinking your pint.


If there was an award for "Most Quirky Museum in London", then the Viktor Wynd Museum would win hands down. I can't recall another place that is this quirky. And I love it.

Located not too far from Cambridge Heath station and walking distance from Bethnal Green station if you insist on using the Tube, the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities is a tiny one. The Viktor Wynd establishment is two floors and to enter the museum, you’re gonna have to descend down a narrow a narrow, spiral staircase to enter the museum.

Once you’re in the museum, you’ll feel like like you’ve just walked into a horror film. It’s filled with the most bizarre things you can imagine from the almost normal tiny pocket guide book to gentlemanly etiquette to a cut-off lock to David Bowie’s mullet. Quirky, but trust me that is just the start. There are some shocking things in here (in a good way) which makes this museum so fascinating.

It’s a bit like walking into famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren’s room of Possessed Artefacts. If you’ve seen the movie The Conjuring, you’ll know what I’m on about.

Sadly, it isn’t free: there is a £5 entry fee but in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that much plus you get a free guide book thrown in with the price and a cup tea to sooth your slightly fractured nerves when you come back up. Also, the museum is absolutely tiny so you could really “do” the museum in a matter of minutes. But every inch is packed with stuff and it’s worth spending a minute or two looking at them. This might take you a while.

It’s quirky it’s dark, it’s macabre, but a truly unique experience, a visit to the Viktor Wynd museum is definitely worth checking out.

If it sounds a little too much for you, then why not come anyway and try some of their cocktails? The ground floor is also a small cocktail bar with two rooms and even an outside drinking area big enough to fit 10 people. The cocktails looks very decent and when the sun goes down, I imagine creates very intimate atmosphere.

My sister and I finally come here last week, after months of wanting to visit this so called hidden gem! The bar upstairs is an excellent place to come for a drink after work and is in the perfect location right next to the canal’s main restaurants. The cocktails were delicious and the service was great. The museum itself is…odd to say the least (especially after a few drinks!) and definitely one of a kind. I have never visited anywhere else quite like it. It cost £4 to go in and you are allowed to take your drinks with you. The little collection of weird and wonderful things left us in fits of giggles and amusement. We had a truly unique experience which I would encourage others to try!


Viktor Wynd’s approach has been described as “all-encompassing” and it’s certainly true that his museum is stuffed with anything and everything that has attracted him. Like an eccentric, moustache-twirling, Victorian magpie, Wynd has gathered unexpected treasures to his labyrinthine basement nest and the results amuse, bemuse, shock and wonder visitors.

It’s not just a display of eclectic curiosities either – The Last Tuesday Society also plays host to talks, lectures, salons, gatherings, taxidermy workshops and free-roaming reptiles. There is a tiny café offering stimulating refreshments before or after your visit, where you can sip coffee with a stately fez-wearing taxidermy lioness, or peruse the cabinets offering crow skulls and Wynd’s own artwork for sale.

The museum’s website states that it wishes not to educate “but to subvert” and, having experienced its myriad charms, I can testify to this notion.


I live close by and have watched this place grow from humble origins to what it is now yet it still feels like it's been here forever, which is also what you'd assume on a first time visit. In terms of what it sets out to be, an old style curiosity shop you couldn't get a more authentic experience, it is most certainly the real deal. Everything you have heard about it is undoubtedly true and the newly installed upstairs bar only adds to the experience for a post gawp glug. Can't recommend it enough to the sort of people who like this sort of thing it's gold dust!

This is as friendly a place for a drink and a chat as you'll find anywhere. The host, Victor himself, creates the atmosphere and the members/customers keep this going. The museum is strange, bizarre even, particularly after a drink or two! The range of special events is interesting. It's not a huge space so be sure to get in early for the events. The area it's in is also interesting.

Truly a unique experience, nothing says oddities like the namesake - i adore this little corner of the abnormal :)

A one-of-a-kind museum, artistic hub and testament that the strange and bizarre is a fascinating place to visit.

The most extraordinary place in London. As an artist, I have spent many hours downstairs drawing from the vast eclectic collection of ephemera. The cocktails are delicious too. If you haven't been, what are you waiting for?

So happy that this is my local bar - every third Friday night you can experience live animals downstairs in the Museum of Curiosities (including live lizards, a snake, a millipede and a tarantula)

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