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Gigs in London this week

Here’s our pick of the live music on offer in the capital over the next seven days

We list hundreds of London gigs every week, to help you find the very best of the city’s vast and thriving music scene. Here are our picks of the best gigs and concerts in London over the next seven days – click the link below to view full listings for the week. Happy gigging!

Looking for something more specific? Check our our listings for gigs in London tonight and gigs in London this weekend.


Richard K

I really can't stand the Time Out website.  It should be a valuable resource for listings in London but its so inundated with adverts and heavy-handed attempts to sell us tickets that its impossible to use or find anything useful in it.  A sad replacement for what used to be a vital part of London life.

Janice J

Interesting things to do / be in on, to do really. Will be checking out some of them. 😍

Joseph D

Agree David M, supposed to be a listings mag but impossible to find anything any more. Back to the drawing board, Time Out! 


Just booked my ticket to the Brixton Fightback on June 11th :-) ... looking forward to seeing Alabama3 and Fat White Family on the same stage at the Brixton Electric.

David M

Really want to book some gigs for the summer tonight - as I now know when I'm going to be free - but I can't work out what's on or how to book from this site. As others have said, it's the worst designed, hardest to navigate site I've seen from a reputable brand. I'm a lifetime buyer / user of TimeOut but even I won't stick with them if this is the best they can do.

William G

I agree about the web site. It's sh1te.

Matthew D

Totally aligned useless and haphazard website. I would prefer to pay for content than try trawling through this damp squib of a website! Time Out please fix it and return to being the great cultural and listing resource you formally where...

richie r

I don't know what happened to TimeOut but this site is rubbish! The old printed T.O. had everything for a what's on guide for the current week in London, with bags of useful info' etc. After struggling here for 20 mins, I'm off to see if there's another listing anyone has started to fill the gap by T.O.s obvious death. Try a gig list for each week, with venue, location, price & a few comments in each of your sections - just a suggestion.

chris d

TOP TEN GIGS THIS MONTH is currently showing a list of gigs in January! A 10 - year old could do better than these bozos!

Johnny Foreigner

Jesus, this website is incredibly difficult to navigate. Time Out's music listings used to be brilliant, comprehensive and easy to access, both in print and online. This is absolutely terrible. And half the gigs don't even have venues attached... 

Mark B

Agree with Raindog.  This isn't listings - it's a few random selections

raindog 1

The old printed Time Out out was brilliant. It was my social A-Z. Much harder to hear about stuff now.

Anthony C

Agreeing and hoping the more people that complain the more likely you will go back to some simple listings. Miss the old Timeout I did use it all the time. Not any more. Sad times.

Dave B

Agree with all these other guys. Website fail, bad UX, impossible to find anything. 

The gig listing was the most useful thing you had here and now it's gone...

Phil K

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... annoying website

Fernando E

What;'s with this webpage of yours! Impossible to navigate, constantly bringing things up one doesn't want to look at and can't find out what's on today! 

How are your stats for unique users, search terms and matched pages, and, most of all, satisfaction surveys, which I hope you do?

LIke your printed magazine (which I still get at home but don't even take it ouf of the bag anymore, hence wasting £0.50 a week), your website has become useless for finding out what goes on in London.

gary h

@Fernando E Hi - Yes site has been like this for a long time. I remember the days when you could go to the magazine and it would have all the listings - not it doesn't, nor does the site (which I have been complaining about for years).  There's a real gap in the market for a simple site which lists everything that's on, day by day, by category....without sponsored links and without trying to sell you tickets from scam booking companies.  I would do it myself, but time doesn't permit.......

Jon W

What happened to being able to find out what's on this weekend?? What a bizarre redesign! Totally useless