Music Off Canvass

The concluding day of the festival begins at 1.05pm (Durrington Room), Great Exhibitionists VI: The Great Experimentalists. Pianist Katherine Tinker collaborates with students from the Royal College of Art to reveal different artistic reactions to music. Featuring works by Cage, Christian Wolff and Feldman. Then, at 7.30pm (Britten Theatre), Great Exhibitionists VII: Music off Canvas. The Goodman Quartet along with dancer Natasha Hubert take inspiration from four works of art, developing four miniatures of their own music and choreography. (Note: at midday-1pm and 6.30pm-7.30pm on Outer Hall Balcony – Alex Wilson's installation 'The Detuned Piano' can be heard with performances of the seminal minimalist work 'The Well Tuned Piano' by La Monte Young.)