The Fox Featuring Space Dimension Controller

So here's what happened. Galactic funk producer Space Dimension Controller took a liking to a stuffed fox on eBay and posted on his Facebook page that if anyone bought it for him, he'd come round to their gaff and play a live set. It seems someone from music website The Ran$om Note went ahead and bought the thing. Fast forward through some weird antics and here we are, except SDC is playing at Dalston's new Dance Tunnel venue and not someone's flat. Which is good, as it means we can all go. Expect ace cosmic techno rushes and trippy space-funk from SDC, and balearic old-hand Pete Gooding will joining the fun as well, but a 'headline set' from the stuffed fox is of course the jewel in the crown. From the pictures of his little taxidermied face posted on the internet, we reckon he lays down a killer Italo-crunk set.


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