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Savannah cat
Photograph: Lance Forman/ Twitter

A big cat has been spotted in a north London garden – here’s how Twitter reacted

Police were called to the scene along ‘Billionaires’ Row’ in East Finchley, where a Savannah cat was seen skulking


Weeks after binge-watching ‘Tiger King’ on Netflix, it might feel like big-cat drama is absent from all our lives, but little did we know that London would also have its share of animal high jinks.  

At 9pm on Monday (May 25) a large exotic cat was seen skulking in back gardens along Winnington Road in East Finchley, an area nicknamed ‘Billionaires’ Row’ because the houses are super expensive. The Met Police said armed officers and an animal expert attended the scene and concluded ‘the animal was a hybrid, namely a cross-breed of a domestic cat and a Savannah cat’. 

Locals in the area managed to get a few snaps of the leopard-spotted creature, which Barnet MPS said was ‘not dangerous and not a threat to the public’ before it ‘made off from the garden’. Cue plenty of puns from Twitter: 

And many allusions to some famous film scenes: 

And of course, Twitter couldn’t let the news go without getting Joe Exotic involved. 

The cat remains on the loose and police are continuing to try and locate it, although a rustling bag of Dreamies probably won’t do the trick this time! 

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