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Photograph: Shutterstock
Photograph: Shutterstock

A camgirl’s guide to looking cute while video calling your crush

Written by
Kate Solomon

Now we’re all in lockdown, many of us are facing a significant amount of video-calling time – especially those who aren’t quarantining with the cutie they’re dating. And, turns out, it’s not always easy to look as fit on camera as you do IRL. 

Obviously, you could accept that you’ve not brushed your hair in weeks and there’s one of this morning’s Cheerios stuck to your face and let your date fancy you for who you are (that’s the sensible thing to do), but it’s nice to look nice. Camgirl Liz has tips on how to do it. 

1. Find your best side

If you take a lot of selfies then you know what angles work for you – my best side is my left so I always sit kind of off-centre.

2. Sit in good light

‘It’s best to have your light coming from the front so your whole face is lit, then you don’t get shadows and the light blows any imperfections away.

3. Invest 

Invest in an HD webcam – built-in webcams are almost always completely crap.’

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